What is ICO Bounty Campaign and Bounty Campaign Portal

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    By Amee Mehta
    Jan 24th, 2019
    The crypto world is becoming more and more interesting and bigger nowadays. One of the key goals of any business is to ensure possible market penetration as possible for the service or the product. As the uses of internet-based platforms to promote a business are increasing. When it comes to bounty programs, it usually an integral part of any digital marketing and promotional enterprise. For better understanding let’s see what bounty campaign portal and ICO Bounty Campaign is,
    What is a Bounty Campaign Portal,
    As Bounty campaigns are becoming an integral part of ICO - Initial Coin Offering Marketing, Bounty Portal is used to bridging the gap between delivering the results fast with having satisfied clients in return of work bounty hunters put in.
    What is an ICO Bounty,
    The Initial coin offering is made by cryptocurrency startups to increase the flow of money for the running projects. Things start with a white paper and translate into a business plan. It contains,
      Bounty Campaign Portal
    A Detailed Explanation of the Project
    • The ultimate goals and reasons behind why the project was started
    • A financial plan about where and how they get money for the startup needs
    • Information about the payment, whether they accept cryptocurrencies or regular cash or both
    • The end final date for the ICO campaign
    The more you learn about the ICO, the better and easier to raise the number of potential investors. Here the ICO bounty comes in, when small budget startups don’t have enough money to hire a marketing firm, an ICO bounty plays an efficient and cheap way to spread the word about the ICO by outsourcing marketing to targeted users. It is simple such as logo creation or finding escorts in melbourne, a mention in the comments of a popular youtube video, forum posts, content creation, a full youtube video and so on.
    What is an ICO Bounty Program,
    It is a specific marketing effort to implement by a startup. With the detailed ICO Bounty Program, the chances for the startup to reach success increase. It helps the startup businesses in two ways, first, they help them to spread the word of their ICO and another is, it helps startups get the bugs out of their code by using high-end programmers.
      ICO Bounty Campaign
    In the ICO Bounty program involves all sorts of activities ranging from signature and social media campaigns to translation campaign and content creation as well. It incorporates and offers multiple types of ICO bounty programs, both post, and pre-ICO ones.
    Hopefully, the term Bounty Campaign Portal and ICO Bounty Campaign is closer to you than before. To implement ICO bounty in your startup you can contact the experts of Minddeft, they’re specially trained to manage and grow limited budget startups.
    For more, you contact us on info@minddeft.com and +91-79-40192627

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