How Blockchain Technology is Making a Difference in Mobile Application Security

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    By Amee Mehta
    Mar 7th, 2019

    In simple terms, Blockchain Technology deals with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Litecoins, and Ethereum. The digitized collection of data that has claimed considerable steps in the virtual currency market, and steadily, it’s expanding its reach in unconventional boundaries, and the mobile industry domain is one of them.

    We can’t just depend on antivirus software, as nowadays the smartphone has a lot of loopholes and such software are not enough to tackle every smallest bit of it. Here comes the role of the Blockchain Services Provider; being a highly innovative technology, Blockchain makes it extremely tough to differentiate data by bringing in the clause of transparency and reinforcing the Blockchain for mobile security to the base.

    Apart from offering transparent and secure financial transactions, Blockchain can also be engaged for a range of other uses because of its unaltered database, which makes blockchain-based apps more steady and reliable.

    Here are some of the mobile application areas where Blockchain can be placed with full ease:

    • Identity verification
    • Supply Chain Process Authorization
    • Track of Records like Property and Healthcare
    • Anonymous Surveys
    • DNS/PKI

    Usage Of Blockchain Technology In Mobile App Security

    Here are some of the ways that can be implemented to keep the cybercriminals at bay and secure your data:

    1. Bypass The Password
      With the releasing of the biometric security features like an Iris Scanner, Face ID, and fingerprint sensors, the smartphones are better secured, but still, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a security breach; for that, all the mobile manufacturers support and encourage their users to safeguard their devices with unique passwords.

      In a statement given by OnePlus stated, "We designed Face Unlock around convenience, also we took some corresponding measures to optimize the smartphone's security. we always recommended you our users to use a password/PIN/fingerprint for security. With that, we’re constantly working to improve all of our technology for better security, including Face Unlock.". For this reason, Face Unlock is not enabled in a bank or any other payment-related secure apps. Here, Blockchain is a smart substitute to replace the password. When two parties consent on performing a transaction, the payment is made through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), certificates, and it brings down on any possibility of an external breach.
    2. Data Transparency
      It’s one of the important features that come along with the Blockchain. All the parties involved have their data available on a decentralized system which can be accessed at any given point of time and, anyone who tries to interfere with the data can be tracked and located easily.
    3. A Blockchain Smartphone Isn’t Necessary
      The smartphones connected with Blockchain technology like Sirin Labs' Finney and HTC Exodus 1 have already stepped into the mobile industry and with the disclosure of more use of blockchain technology solutions, the smartphone industry is going to be revolutionized by Blockchain.
    4. Impregnable Infrastructure
      The Blockchain comes along with a decentralized platform which is more secure and reliable and the same benefits are extended to the blockchain based apps by moving the target of the brand infrastructure to the decentralized zone. Also, the Domain Name System (DNS) is another field which is being benefited by the Blockchain Solutions Provider, as it provides the full control of domain records. Hence, it becomes nearly impossible to tamper with the domain record entries.

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