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If you’re looking for secure smart contracts blockchain for your token sale, you’ve landed at the right place. Our configurable smart contracts solution will ensure quick and easy deployment for your token sale.

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Smart Contracts Blockchain are essentially nothing but mere lines of code which are securely stored on a blockchain. These lines automatically execute when pre-decided conditions are met. Ever since ICOs have entered the fray, startups are wanting to raise funds via token sale, focusing on marketing but losing out on valuable money because of insecure smart contracts. To overcome this, Blockchain enabled smart contracts bring in higher levels of security, which makes them beneficial for business collaborations. Since data is stored in a decentralized manner, it is immune to fraud and easy accessible for the respective users. Along with this, Minddeft- smart contract development services provides a high level of flexibility and customization as well to suit your needs.

Key Features

Easy Configurations

When an ICO is in place, the need of the hour is a dynamic smart contract which can be changed at will, without affecting the overall efficiency of the process. Variable elements that need changes are prices, bonuses, dates, etc. This is why highly customizable smart contracts which are configurable in nature mitigate the need for multiple contracts, saving time and resources.

Multisig wallet

Based on Consensys standard, a Multisig wallet will make the startups capable enough to manage tokens and funds on their own in a seamless and efficient manner. Also, these can be used upon third party approvals from investors or lawyers.

Token Vaults Secure Locked Tokens

To ensure investors that no token will be dumped just like that, tokens for all founders and stakeholders need to be locked with contracts. In token vault contracts, tokens once locked can be unlocked in an automatic fashion on a milestone basis with the help of smart contracts.

Multiple ICO and Pre-ICO

Once the contracts are deployed, this can then be leveraged to execute multiple pre-ICO and ICOs without the need for deploying it multiple times. What’s even better is the fact that the same set of contracts can handle multiple no. of fundraisings for the same startup.

ERC20 Standard

ERC20 is one of the most famous standards meant for creating tokens over Ethereum technology. Minddeft’s token sale smart contracts are very much compatible with ERC20 and other popular token standards.

Safe math functions

When it comes to smart contracts, calculations are very imperative because a simple blip can cause a difference of millions of dollars due to hacks and fraudulent activities. Smart contracts execute safe and secure math functions to overcome such issues and ensure that your ICO executes smoothly.

Value Proposition

Less Transaction fees

Smart contracts eliminate the need for any intermediate or 3rd parties, because the users and participants an easily trust the transparent data that is in front of them, as the Blockchain technology takes an immutable approach. Hence, there is no need for any external agent to verify the agreement terms, which reduces overall transaction costs substantially.

Compatible with Wallets and Exchanges

Along with some of the most popular standards out there like ERC20, token contracts can be easily integrated with a majority of 3rd party wallets and exchanges critical to the cryptocurrency community.

Secure Raised Funds

Blockchain transaction records are heavily encrypted which makes them almost impossible to hack. And with Multisig contracts, funds are stored in a 100% secure manner and will only be transferred after the signature and approval or team members and 3rd party approvers. This helps build trust and creates a credible token value.

Quick Launch of ICO

Easy and quick deployment is the name of the game, something which has been made possible by Blockchain’s token sale smart contracts. Since most of the internal processes are automated, it ensures minimal human intervention resulting in faster deployment, positively affecting the overall ICO launch timing of startups and businesses.

Hack Proof

Minddeft - Smart Contracts Development Services have passed not only the basic manual testing procedures but the stringent protocols of multiple security tools as well, which makes them hack-proof in nature. Since the transactions occur according to pre-defined rules, nobody can question or alter the output.

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