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An ICO - Initial coin offering is the most effective way to gain investments and funding for businesses today. We, at Minddeft provide full circle Blockchain ICO servicesin india such as platform hosting, token creation, token distribution and more.

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On a daily basis, millions of startups are being founded on the premise of unique ideas and token sale, in an attempt to raise investment. One of the biggest obstacles is to launch a token sale in an effective and secure manner. With rising competition and presence of multiple currencies in the market, it is not advisable to raise ICO - Initial coin offering funds via a single digital currency. Also, website hacking is becoming far too common an occurrence these days. Moreover, now it is mandatory to perform KYC/AML checks before opting for a token sale. This is where Minddeft steps in; our goal is to provide standalone solutions which are highly customizable as per your business needs ensuring that your ICO transition is as seamless as possible.

Key Features

Quick & Secure Sign Up

A complex sign up process is often a deal breaker. Keeping this under consideration, we have come up with a quick and easy sign up process to enhance the overall user experience. This process has been further supplemented by a robust security system via e-mail and phone verification. So, interested investors in your token sale can now sign up in a flash by entering mandatory information only.


Our platform is highly customisable in nature when it comes to integration with third party KYC and ALM services. Currently tied up with Onfido, this way we provide businesses on-demand an automatic KYC and AML check which reduces the overall time cycle to be investor-verified and boost your token sale.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies Supported

With increasing awareness and accessibility, investors are becoming increasingly smart these days which inhibits them to put all their investment in a single cryptocurrency. Some popular cryptocurrencies include the likes of BCH, BTC, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, etc. Creating a digital currency which stands out and is a game-changer in this frantic market; experts often recommend to accept multiple currencies so as to widen the token sale horizon. Our dynamic solutions can be easily integrated with secure payment networks such as and Coingate.

Smart Contracts Integration and Configuration

The technical arena of token-sale smart contracts is becoming more and more complex with every passing day in order to aid security and reduce transaction fees. Most business founders lack the know-how of handling smart contract transactions with their web or desktop wallets. This is where Minddeft’s investor dashboard provides a simple yet secure solution for carrying out smart contract integration configuration. All one needs to do is provide configuration inputs and voila!

Seamless and secure transactions management

Our investor dashboard provides an overall comprehensive portal that helps in assigning and claiming tokens to the investors’ wallets. These transactions require interaction with the Blockchain network. Considering the fact that there are over a million transactions occurring over the public network, the dashboard needs to be enabled with seamless and error-free transaction management. Minddeft’s Investor dashboard does this seamlessly with the help of different statuses and updates over the network, which minimizes chances of error and provides real time information.

Fully Featured Backend

A robust backend is often the most basic component of a token sale dashboard. And if it is inept in handling configurations or managing transactions, it will create a major loss for your token sale. Minddeft’s backend solutions cover the avenues of transaction and configuration management, user management and reporting as well.

Affiliate Investment

In this competition-driven market, affiliate marketing is a sure way of getting investment for your token sale. Our dashboard comes with an integrated affiliate token bonus scheme which just needs to be configured and enabled to work. It automatically tracks all user sign-ups and the nature of the investments done through referral codes, so that the bonus tokens can be assigned accordingly.

Value Proposition

Quick Deployment

Conventional token sale procedures take up to 2 months from scratch. This is where Minddeft the best provider of Blockchain ICO services in India differs in the sense that we enable your business to deploy much sooner in a seamless manner without compromising on the deliverables. Feel like launching in a week?

Absolute Hacking Control

Token sales usually become victims of hacking which is one of the biggest dangers for startups and businesses alike when it comes to this type of crowd funding. Our comprehensive dashboard ensures that everything goes smoothly with just a few clicks, executing not only from the dashboard but with Blockchain contracts as well.

Optimised ROI and Cost Effectiveness

Startups fall behind as the many solutions that are available in the market today prove to be too expensive for comfort. This is where Minddeft fits the bill as our token sale solutions are cost effective in nature and ensure that businesses experience as high an ROI as is possible.

Boost Your Marketing Quotient

Since all the other aspects of your token sale will be well and truly handled by us, you can focus on building your marketing quotient instead; to attract more investment.

End-to-End 24x7 Support

A token sale is a developing dynamic process and parameters keep on changing, which is why our support team will always be on standby for you, to answer all your queries and address your concerns 24x7.

Cloud Ready

Our solutions are cloud ready right from the word ‘go’ and we can setup Blockchain within a few hours on your preferred cloud hosting platform.

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