Supply Chain Leveraging Blockchain

A Blockchain based solution that helps in determining and proving provenance of a product and securely track & trace exactly where product is in a Global Supply Chain.

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Supply chain is billion-dollar industry including food, cross border shipping, drug (like cannabis) and many more. But due to lack of trust and traceability millions of dollars are lost. This Blockchain based solution that will help the provenance of any product across many supply chain industries and securely track of the history from origin to current.

Key Features

Digital Identity of Physical Assets

Every Physical product has digital identity over chain, that will avoid any fake or counterfeit products and verifying the chain.

Integration with RFID and IOT Sensors

Solution will allow RFID and IOT sensors to be integrated with the system to trace the product in the chain. For industries like cannabis supply chain, food supply chain this could be game changer.

Tokenize Payments

Solution can be integrated with Public Blockchain for Tokenize payments on each stage of supply chain and that will be released on automated events.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts for each chain in the system can automate some of the process and can be used for automated Tokenize payment with supply chain.

Proof of Supply with Scanned Images

Every stage of chain allows to upload scanned images of the product in the chain, provides proof of supply with supply chain.

Barcode or QR Code Integration

With Barcode and QR code integration, this solution provides seamless supply chain experience over Blockchain.

Value Proposition

Reduce Double Spending

With the trace of all the purchase, sales orders or any other documents solution eliminate the double spending with the supply chain.

Identify Counterfeit Products

From the factory to showroom every single chain is updated over Blockchain. Even if there are any manipulation done over Blockchain it can be detected and identify counterfeit product at any stage.

Get rid of Fraudulent Transactions

Being a Supply Chain Development Company, we give it utmost important to make a secure and sustainable supply chain product. Nothing on chain is centralized. That reduces the risks of fraudulent transactions within the supply chain.

Verifiable globally

As a supply chain development company our solution can help to verify and monitor the supply chain process globally. And that makes it ready to use with Cross border supply chain of the products.
Technologies Behind Solution


Business Application Layer


Blockchain Integration Layer


Private permissioned Blockchain


Smart Contract Integration


Smart Contract Language


Decentralized File Storage