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Shelter yourself from volatility - tap into the Stable world today!

Stablecoin, by being pegged to other stable assets (like the US Dollar, metals, real estate, and other cryptocurrencies), is designed to bring the required stability. These asset-based cryptocurrencies help you maintain a fixed value that is proportional to the underlying asset.

All in all, Stablecoins can help you achieve the following

No Volatility
Being asset-backed, Stablecoins can sustain the ever-changing monetary landscape and thus aren’t too volatile in nature.
Stablecoins are supported by liquid assets, so even if prices increase, we can mint more tokens to maintain stability.
Being blockchain-based, Stablecoins are extremely transparent, with all the members of the network having access to transactions.
Easy Trading
This digital-to-fiat currency offers widespread integration and can be easily traded at various exchanges including GoCoin, Bitfinex, and more.

Minddeft for Stablecoin Services

Minddeft’s team of experts helps you tap into the billion-dollar market. Our development services are designed to cater to your needs, and our team of experts is available for support throughout the journey. From the first inception of the idea to the final delivery, Minddeft works in tandem with you to give you the guidance you need. So that you accomplish your company goals while driving fantastic business results!

We provide Algorithmic Stablecoin Services by following a step-by-step approach. Our spectrum of Stablecoin services includes both developmental as well as consultancy services. Here’s a list of our offerings:

Stablecoin Consulting
Solidify your decisions and achieve exceptional results with advice and support of Stablecoin consultants who have worked with teams of varying sizes to provide actionable outcomes. Our expertise can help you create the right business strategy for your Stablecoin.
Whitepaper Ideation and Creation
Minddeft’s team of experts can help you create whitepapers that are not only easy-to-read, but also technically thorough and clear. These will cover essential details of the projects and can be used as an essential aid for investors to make the right decision.
Fiat-Backed Token Development
Fiat-backed Stablecoins are more stable, as they have the authority of government. These are centralized, trustworthy, and require strong auditing and regulations. Minddeft can help you create fiat-backed tokens by pegging Euro, Yen, USD, GBP, and more.
Real Estate-Backed Token Development
Real Estate has forever been one of the hottest investing domains. Our Real Estate-Backed tokens ensure no volatility with high liquidity. Minddeft’s team of professionals can help you peg your Stablecoin with Real Estate so that the tokens can be exchanged for Real Estate.
Gemstones-Backed Token Development
Minddeft’s team of Stablecoin experts can help build tokens backed by gemstones, including gold and diamond. In doing so, your tokens will be exchangeable or redeemable for real gemstones, without any hidden layer.
Payment-Related Services
Minddeft’s team provides you with payment services. These services expand our Stablecoin offerings with numerous payment options that allow you to increase revenue. Our services include virtual I BANs, card payments, and virtual cards - from all over the globe!
KYC/AML Services
Minddeft conducts all the necessary KYC/AML checks on all the profile of investors. This is done both during the time of issuing tokens that are equivalent to stable assets, as well as the time they redeem the Stablecoin. By doing so, we ensure a tighter layer of security.
Stablecoin Marketing
Our experts will work with you to prepare a growth hack strategy for Stablecoins, that will help you reach the desired investors. We’ll perform all the necessary marketing activities for this, including Social Media Marketing, PR Outreach, Influencer Outreach, Email Marketing, and other required hacks.
Community Support Management
Our dedicated team of Stablecoin experts provides community support using ticketing systems, instant messengers, and support forums. Our focus is to answer your queries quickly and to the point, and we’re determined to do that!

Usecases of Stablecoin

Extreme price volatility has always been considered one of the greatest obstacles for even the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. From the merchant’s side, the price volatility introduces too many cash flow risks while from the consumer’s side the dominating mindset is one of holding rather than spending.

Stablecoins, on the other hand, are different. They are a type of cryptocurrency that is more like cash, designed for spending. What makes them ‘stable’, is that the value of the coin is pegged to another asset. As a result of that, there are numerous usecases of Stablecoin, here is a list of a few:

Efficient Recurring and P2P Payments
Using Stablecoins for recurring payments, especially for the global workforce, eliminates the otherwise exorbitant fees.
Smart Escrow
Stablecoins, being less volatile than other types of cryptocurrencies, can be used in smart contracts-based Escrows.
Day-to-Day Payments
Stablecoin is a digital currency that is not only legally-backed, but also secure. As a result of that, they provide ease of access and can be utilized for day-to-day payments.
Quick and Affordable Remittances
Using Stablecoin, migrants can send money back home, to their loved ones, with very low fees and no price volatility that they otherwise would have to bear.
Permissioned Blockchain Networks
Stablecoins allow banks or any other permissioned Blockchain network to make transactions without any extra volatility in the price.
Powering dApps
Stablecoins can be utilized in powering virtual applications and games because they are asset-backed and can be utilized in place of real money.


  • 1. What are Stablecoins?
    Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are designed in a way that minimizes the volatility of their prices, relative to some basket of assets (aka stable assets). Stablecoins can be pegged to a cryptocurrency, fiat-money, or even to exchange-traded commodities.
  • 2. What is the need for Stablecoins?
    The prices of most of the cryptocurrencies have been seen to highly fluctuate over time. In that context, Stablecoins provide stability in prices as they are backed by the reserve of assets. As a result of this, Stablecoins give owners a safe place to store their assets. Consumers can also easily and quickly convert from unpegged cryptocurrencies to Stablecoins if they are worried about where the market is heading, thereby eliminating the need to return to a fiat currency. These conversations are also less expensive as it eliminates the fees of payment processing provides and banks.
  • 3. How does the future of Stablecoins look?
    As is clear by now, Stablecoin provides amazing features for people looking for stability. As per CoinMarketCap, Stablecoin is nipping at the heels of Bitcoin, with its trading volume of $9.4Bn inching closer to Bitcoin’s $10.2Bn (As of 2019 December). Keeping all this in mind, and also considering the various startups investing in Stablecoins, it is safe to say that the future of Stablecoin is very secure and positive.
  • 4. How much, on average, does it cost for developing Stablecoins?
    The prices for Stablecoin development vary from project to project. It is solely based on the complexity of the requirements and the lines of codes required in the development. Having said that, our prices are fluid and we work in a cost-minimal fashion to ensure the best results. Reach out to us for a quote!

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