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Need help with Smart Security Audit? We’re here for you!

Do you often find yourself worried about the following

  • The intended behavior of smart contracts that your developers have written.
  • Bugs in your smart contract because you’ve read about various hacks (like DAO Hack and Parity Hack) and are now worried.
  • Getting your smart contracts audited before launching a tokenized crowdfunding campaign.
  • Lack of comprehensive unit test cases for your smart contract leading to broken functionality of the contracts.
  • Finding an experienced team of auditors for auditing your smart contracts that your investors are asking for.

If you’re stuck with any of the above, trust Minddeft to help you sail through. Read on to know about the services we offer!

What does Minddeft offer?

At Minddeft, we offer you Smart Contract Auditing services. Whether you belong to Fintech, Security, Real Estate, Healthcare, or others - our auditing services are sure to help you.
Comprehensive Smart Contract Audit
We comprehensively audit smart contracts. Our audits include dynamic analysis, formal verification, manual testing, static analysis, and more. Our team of experts makes use of cutting-edge tools and techniques to help you fight against common attacks. Some such tools include Oyente, Slither, Solhint, and Securify.
Dapp Security Audit
Our team of cybersecurity experts helps in detecting all the security vulnerabilities. This is done by conducting a safe and secure attack simulation in test environments using a unique Dapp security process like the penetration testing method.
Decentralized Exchange Security Audit
Our team of auditors audits your decentralized exchange contracts with defining procedures - like data maintenance, user privacy, business logic, and infrastructure. This is done to ensure the sustainable operation of the exchange business.
Digital Wallet Security Audit
Security digital wallets is a tricky task. It requires the thorough implementation of processes of auditing. Our digital wallet auditing process covers the security of cryptographic private keys, the privacy of data, and safe and steady action of the wallet.
Blockchain Protocol Audit
We conduct auditing for blockchain protocol to improve the security of the platform through the procedure such as signature security encryption, business logic, consensus mechanism security assessment, and more.
Security Consulting
Our team of experts helps you in every security aspect of the network system comprising detecting security vulnerability. Our team adheres to security since inception to delight our partners.

With Minddeft, you get the following competitive advantages:

  • Timely security audits
  • Checking for all possible vulnerabilities
  • Reporting on all major and minor bugs and recommendations
  • Audit by a team of experts
  • Audit for major protocols including EOS, TRON, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and more.

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