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Security tokens are cryptographic blockchain based tokens that represent financial assets such as bonds, notes, debentures, shares (stock), options, and warrants. Security Token Offering (STO) increase the investors' trust and also empowers investors with financial rights such as profit sharing rights, and equity.

Security token offerings are the modern way of trustable fund-raising method which would replace the traditional IPO method.

Security tokens help you achieve the following

Enhanced Flexibility
Compared to other public investment opportunities, security tokens are expensive to trade and tend to be more liquid investments. Therefore, they provide greater flexibility to the entrepreneurs.
Attracting Global Investors
The STO standards are accepted in all regions and attract the global investors of all regions. This helps in spreading awareness of your business.
Dividend Ownership
STOs allow you to divide your underlying assets into smaller assets. This paves way for transferring your tokens on a secondary market, and makes your offerings more affordable to the investors.
Increased liquidity
The Security tokens enable dividend ownership thereby lowers the minimum investments with more liquidity. This increase of liquidity allows the participants to access 24/7 in the security token market to purchase stakes.
Improved affordability
STOs are comparatively cheaper as it is not required for the investor to pay broker’s fees, exchange fees, and other trading-related costs.
Being blockchain-based, STOs follow a perfect infrastructure of securities in a fully transparent way by tracking and verifying the data.

Minddeft for Stablecoin Services

Minddeft’s team of experts helps you tap into the billion-dollar market. Our development services are designed to cater to your needs, and our team of experts is available for support throughout the journey. From the first inception of the idea to the final delivery, Minddeft works in tandem with you to give you the guidance you need. So that you accomplish your company goals while driving fantastic business results!

At Minddeft, we understand the intricacies of asset tokenization and have partnered with legal experts who will assist you through the qualification process of STO.

With Minddeft, you get the following STO roadmap

Pre STO Launch
During STO Development
Post STO Launch

Pre STO Launch

During the pre-STO period, we offer the following comprehensive services
Legal Services
Minddeft can help you find the perfect security token advisory team. This team will act as your legal representatives and will advise you regarding STO regulations. This team will be responsible for Selection of Intermediary for STO, KYC/AML Verification, and Token Purchase Agreement.
Landing Page
We offer informative and user-friendly landing pages and websites to enable token sale and encourage people to start early. Our landing pages consist of tokenomics, team details, STO launch date, and detailed roadmap.
Whitepapers include an outline of the problem that the STO projects aims to solve, the solution, and a description of everything about the product - including its architecture and interaction with users. Our whitepapers include proper market research, problem and its solution, tokens details, the road map, how the funds are going to be used, and the team behind the project.

During STO Development

If you’re post the pre-STO stage, Minddeft helps you with STO development via the following services
Security Token Development
Our technical team can build security tokens from different issuance platforms including Harbor, Polymath, Securitize, and more. Our security token development consists of
  • KYC/AML verified tokens
  • Smart contracts for minting of tokens
  • Smart contracts for crowd sale
Blockchain based product development
Our team of blockchain experts help you build blockchain-based products that support security tokens. Under these services, we offer the following
  • Blockchain ideation
  • Technical and visual design
  • Proof of concept creation
  • Development
  • Deployment and upgrades
Custodian Integration
We provide custodian integration services that help verify the accredited investors. These services perform the background checks on investors profile thereby maintaining ethical codes. These services include
  • KYC/AML verification
  • Funds processing
  • Fiat-backed digital assets
  • Accounting and data retentiondigital assets

Post STO Launch

Once we’ve helped you launch the STO, we help you in the following ways
Technical Support
Minddeft’s technical team provides online (or even offline, in some areas) support. We also support communities on crypto forums to help you better. We ensure to answer every ticket raised in helpdesk to maintain your trust.
STO Marketing
The marketing experts at Minddeft and growth hackers help you prepare a complete marketing strategy to promote your offerings to the right audience. By gathering data and insights using analytics, we offer successful marketing campaigns. Our marketing activities include: influencer outreach, airdrop campaign, press releases, pitching STO listing sites, social media promotion, community building, ad campaign management, email marketing, and more.

What all can be tokenized?

At this point, if you’re wondering what all items can you tokenize, here is a list for you
Real Estate Properties
Minddeft’s technical team provides online (or even offline, in some areas) support. We also support communities on crypto forums to help you better. We ensure to answer every ticket raised in helpdesk to maintain your trust.
Any existing asset can be tokenized. Tokens like these represent ownership to a specific asset, for example precious metals, art pieces, or other commodities. Real asset token’s value is linked to the real-time value of the asset backing it.
Another promising area for STO is tokenization of a company’s shares. Investors who own equity tokens basically have control of a portion of the company’s profits. It is a new fundraising model for infant startups.
Investment Funds
STOs are the best options for you if you manage investment funds. They help you seek fresh sources of funds that enable you to improve your portfolio. It may also help you determine what rights you want to share with the investors.


  • 1. What is a Security Token Offering (STO)?
    It is a process of issuing and subsequently selling digital tokens that have one or more characteristics of securities. These tokens are blockchain-based, which allows the increase of security and reliability of the whole process. Therefore, these tokens help transfer the value of various objects into digital space. Such objects can be companies, real estate, investment funds, art objects, and much more.
  • 2. What are Security Tokens?
    Security Token is a digital cryptographic counterpart of traditional securities. Securities are basically financial instruments that allow investors to acquire certain rights in various companies. Security tokens, too, follow the same properties. The only difference is that security tokens are blockchain-enabled. Using security tokens, investors can not only transfer rights in companies, but also rights to other assets like art pieces, real estates, and more.
  • 3. Who can invest in STO?
    In theory, anyone can invest in STOs. This is an important distinction from legacy securities, which are bound by many restrictions. However, it is necessary to consider the conditions of investment separately for each STO. In fact, investing in STO is not as simple as investing in ICO. Depending on the country, legislation, type of securities and other factors, there may be various requirements and restrictions. In most cases investors have to pass KYC/AML verification. Among them are restrictions on the minimum and maximum amount of investment from one investor, affiliation (or non-affiliation) of an investor to a particular country, accreditation of a professional investor, annual income, and many other limits.
  • 4. How to invest in STO?
    Investing in STOs is simpler than purchasing traditional stocks. Once you’ve selected the projects of your interest, you can visit the official STO website. As a rule of thumb, all the detailed instructions on buying STOs are available on the website. In general, the process involves two steps: the first is KYC/AML verification, and the second is purchase of tokens in exchange for cryptocurrency or fiat-based money.
  • 5. What does an STO investor get?
    The list of rights that an STO investor receives is in relation to the rights that buyers of similar traditional financial assets receive. This may include things like the right of ownership, the right to receive part of the profits, dividends, the redemption right, the right to vote when making decisions about the asset.
  • 6. How are STOs legally regulated?
    The legal status of STO is not yet fully defined, since the entire cryptocurrency sphere itself originated only recently and does not have proper regulation. At the same time, many countries are already considering adopting some laws aimed at regulating this sphere in order to protect their citizens. In particular, STO appeared as a legal evolution from ICO, the main disadvantage of which was investor insecurity. In general, we can say that the legislation in the field of STO is similar to that for IPO and stock trading. The most perfect legislation in the world in this field is in the USA. That is why many STO projects seek to legalize their placement of tokens in accordance with the requirements of the SEC (The United States Securities and Exchange Commission).

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