Real Estate Portal for Digital Classifieds and Leads
Client Overview
  • India based startup, founded by group of technical and domain experts, with the aim to create a platform, to have local real estate leads and classifieds in regional language with powerful search anytime anywhere.
  • Founders researched that lot of local leads being posted in bunch of newspapers which are getting unnoticed and unreachable on timely basis.
  • Client team has years of research for Real Estate and decided to develop a platform where all things could be digitized and easily accessible.
Business Needs
  • Business needs of constant insertion of leads everyday so it requires a system which provides powerful backend system where multiple people can work and insert thousands of leads in a day and millions in month.
  • Platform which can support regional languages, and end user should be able to search in their own language. For example, Gujarati or Hindi.
  • Need of robust and accurate search system which works seamlessly with millions of data being inserted over the time. Something like Big Data tools Hadoop or custom.
  • Need of Scalable architecture which can handle numerous data being handled and modules can be integrated.
  • Third party integration like Map API should be integrated easily.
  • Database should be flexible enough to handle thousands of localities level and duplicity of data.
  • Performance is the key element of the business, especially when large data is being processed every day.
  • Role based system with accurate permissions and hierarchy.
  • Need of highly automated incentive system for Franchise and Publishers.
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