Blockchain MVP - Ethereum Smart Contracts for Legal Contracts and Payment Processing
Client Overview
  • Passionate startup wanted to implement secure solutions with real estate industries leveraging the power of Blockchain.
  • Their endeavor is to develop fast, secure and decentralized application for overall agreement and payment processing for rent system in India.
Business Needs
  • Solution over Blockchain: Based on year of research and experience with various technology domains, client has proposed that Blockchain has solutions to bring every legal document to be uploaded and executed online in secure way. It also executes payment processing (rent transfer) between two parties secure and fast way. But biggest challenge was the implementation. Especially, technology itself is in beta mode and difficult to find the right partner to implement it. System that seamlessly integrates with Blockchain Backend as well as third party authentication services like Aadhar API or KYC.
  • Security and High availability: Since the process tries to improve legal processes and bank 2 bank transfer, it emerges as major challenges to implement. Blockchain brings the assurance of secure and immutable transactions but performance was key requirement as well especially, lot of people are going to use the solutions.
  • Partner with skills and reliability: Considering significance of secure solution and leveraging power of Blockchain Technology, client team required to have team with skills and expertise over Blockchain as well as reliable with whom they can work on long term basis.
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