Patient Data Storing and Sharing leveraging Blockchain

Is storing critical patient data acting as a roadblock for your healthcare startup’s day to day activities? Not anymore! Minddeft’s patient data sharing application leveraged by Blockchain technology helps secure EHR or EMR data, making sure that privacy is never compromised. It also enables you to safely share the data at will with pharmacies, doctors, etc.

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Data storage is a critical aspect when it comes to the healthcare industry. Unlike other conventional domains, breaching security in this case doesn’t only compromise the matter of patient’s health but also induces financial repercussions. A centralized solution makes patient security a complex phenomenon, as it is too cluttered to simplify, which results in inept usage of information causing wastage of resources. This is what a private Blockchain solves right away, allowing data to be stored on decentralized nodes. This way, the information stays absolutely secure and can be shared with others in a permission-based format

Key Features

API Interface for Integration

Conventional healthcare applications or products can be given a contemporary spin by leveraging the immense power of Blockchain (for data sharing and storage) via a secure API interface meant for seamless integration.

Access Cards

Minddeft’s patient data sharing application assigns access cards to all users of the application; something which helps in regular updation of the data over Blockchain in a secure manner. In the case of an access card not being present, the Blockchain Node itself will restrict access.

Partial or Complete Data Sharing with Permission

Thanks to Blockchain technology, patients will now be able to share either partial or complete data with fellow users with permission. In some cases, patients might only want to share just the latest medical reports with their respective doctors.

Ultra-secure and Immutable Store

Most of all, it is the healthcare sector which demands a solution for ransomware attacks and hacking of critical patient data. This is where Blockchain enabled data sharing enters the fray making the data totally hack-proof in nature.

Proof of Records with Documents Uploa

Minddeft’s patient data sharing application comes with a feature wherein users can upload their medical documents to decentralized Blockchain as instances of proof. These documents can be medical prescriptions, reports or any past health related paper.

Nested Sharing of Data

Our application has the capacity of nested sharing in place. This is permission based sharing allowing users to further spread it to others creating a chain of secure patient data.

Value Proposition

Data Availability

Our Blockchain based sharing application makes the patient data available in a real time fashion, which can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Moreover, users can update it at will after being granted permission.

Data Privacy

The critical patient data stays totally private unless it has been granted permission via Blockchain nodes, and there are no two ways about it. How it works is that the system uses a permissioned Blockchain network which includes defining user access and roles based on the user-type.

Ready for Cloud

Minddeft’s overall solution package is readily available for cloud deployment and can also be easily integrated with Blockchain Templates over Azure Cloud or AWS.

Portability with EHR/EMR system

Keeping the values of a conventional system intact, blockchain in healthcare startups don’t need to implement a new system from scratch, as the new Blockchain-based model can be seamlessly integrated with existing EMR/HER systems in place, ensuring high levels of portability.


Not only is the data as consistent and private as ever, all misgivings can be easily detected by the system thanks to the Blockchain based node.

Healthcare Compliance

In the case of centralized data storage,blockchain in healthcare compliance becomes a major concern, a problem which is solved by the decentralized approach of a Blockchain based system. Such systems are highly compliant with major Healthcare brands and companies across the globe.
Technologies Behind Solution


Business Layer
Node.j Blockchain Integration Layer

Hyperledger Fabric

Private Blockchain with Permission


Presentation Layer


Decentralized Document storage