KYC over Blockchain

Getting KYCs through Blockchain technology is an end-to-end solution which can significantly help tech startups or financial institutions to fasten and simplify their on boarding customer process, in turn boosting their compliance quotient and saving resources.

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Before everything else, every organization in the world wants to know their customers deeply, so that they can in turn provide them with better services and products. This is possible through KYC Fintech Blockchain however, traditional KYC methods are too time consuming and rigorous and complex. This results in indirect financial loss in terms of inappropriate usage of resources and manpower. Leveraging KYC over Blockchain eliminates all of this by transforming fragmented form of data from trusted sources into cryptographically secure data bits which are safe and easy to access. Blockchain not only fastens the process but mitigates all kinds of hacks, unauthorized access and money laundering, in turn saving a significant amount of time, resources and finances as well.

Key Features

Secure Private Chain

Since the data is being stored on a decentralized network which is private in nature, the data is always on a secure chain free from any hacking or unauthorized access. Respective users will have access to their data bits only and nothing else.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Individuals, businesses and companies will now be able to manage and store their respective identities at will, without being dependent on a central repository. This is unlike other systems where a centralized model is in place. Along with this, every particular individual is in control of the data that is held in their name along with access control of it.

API Access Securely

Minddeft’s KYC over Blockchain solution comes equipped with compliance process integration through API, which gives you the capacity to load data into your application and extract critical info for other business handles with relative ease.

Get More Customers Onboard

Our solutions can directly affect the efficiency and speed of your compliance team positively. The automatic nature of verification will allow your review team to handle KYC applications much faster and in a more productive manner. This results in saving time and resources and faster onboarding of customers.

Multiple Documents Verification

The onboarding process is made foolproof by allowing customers to submit multiple documents for verification based on the country or region they reside in. All these documents are also stored like IPFS, over a decentralized blockchain system.

Integration with third party AML check

The design of our KYC blockchain solution is such that you can easily integrate the system with any 3rd party AML check, which will enable you to form a KYC/AML platform for all your customers in a single place.

History of KYC updates and Sharing

The user will get access to the entire history of KYC updates done ever since day 1. This archive-list will also include the sharing details as well i.e. what instance of data is shared with who; making it easier to track any fraudulent activity.
Value Proposition

Integration with existing Financial Application

There’s no need for financial institutions or banks or other businesses to start this KYC Fintech Blockchain process from scratch. As our systems can easily be integrated with the existing financial applications in place thanks to secure API integration. This ensures quick deployment and enhanced productivity.

Completely Compliance

Minddeft’s KYC solution is ready-made compliance software in itself equipped with the power of Blockchain technology. This will put your business in good stead in terms of meeting regulatory compliance protocols in no time.

Data + Documents = Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer isn’t just limited to strings of data; there’s a growing need for data proofing as well given the increasing number of fraudsters out there. Because of decentralized immutable filing system and private permissioned data, users can easily upload multiple document proofs in a secure manner, allowing you to know your customers the way you want to.

White Label Customizable

Our solutions can be easily customized into white label solutions; adoption of new changes and integration occurs in an entirely user-friendly and seamless manner.

Cloud or Standalone

Understanding the integration issues that might come, there’s an option for both standalone and cloud deployment methods, so that the daily work never gets affected till the new changes are in place.

Technologies Behind Solution


Business Application Layer


Blockchain Integration Layer

Hyperledger Fabric

Private Blockchain with Permission


Presentation Layer


Decentralized Documents (File System)