Blockchain as a service for enterprise blockchain solutions

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Blockchain as a Service to boost your business by creating optimized processes, operations, and giving you the entire control of your assets.

Enterprise Blockchains are permissioned systems where information is available and nodes are anonymous. Only the partners are a part of this network, and they have entire control over all their assets. Minddeft helps you with Enterprise Blockchain Development and consulting. Our expertise includes Trade Finance, Fintech Blockchain, Healthcare Blockchain, Supply Chain and Logistics Blockchain, Smart Contract Development, and more.

Moving to Blockchain with our Enterprise Blockchain services will help you gain the following

Speed and Efficiency
The transactions happen between the involved parties without any intermediaries - this exponentially increases the speed of transactions. Blockchain applications don’t require interventions or intermediaries and are therefore an efficiency-booster for all businesses.
Reliability and Trust
Blockchain, by definition, is transparent in nature. The people involved in the transactions will have the entire details of the party involved with complete transparency. This nature of Blockchain generates trust between parties involved - in this case, you and your clients. Migrating to Blockchain is helping organizations gain client’s trust!
Blockchain is an extremely secured network as it is permission-based, by nature. As a result of that, it would require simultaneous access to every system on the network to breach any security. Due to that, the chances of data theft on Blockchain is comparatively lesser, especially when we talk about private blockchain.
Blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries that are otherwise required in any transaction. This seriously simplifies processes and reduces costs related to disputes and reconciliations.

Minddeft for Enterprise Blockchain Development

Minddeft’s team of experts helps you tap into the billion-dollar market. Our services are designed to cater to your needs, and our team of experts is available for support throughout the journey. From the first inception of the idea to the final delivery, Minddeft works in tandem with you to give you the guidance you need. So that you accomplish your company goals while driving fantastic business results!

At Minddeft, we understand the benefits that Blockchain-based solutions can provide to all the legacy industries, and therefore offer our supporting hands to the following domains - and work with them to create a solution suited for them!

Supply Chain Management
Provide transparency and control in your processes. Reduce costs and time taken for shipment. Ensure regulation compliance.
Financial Services
Regulate the delivery of buying or selling of instruments. Report trading data. Reduce counterparty and counterfeit risks.
Create a centralized repository of patients and their health history. Share it with doctors to keep everyone informed in real-time. Treat patients better with accurate data and information
Eliminate degree counterfeits. Simplify payment methods. Provide security, transparency, and safety in your education network.
Create a transparent, corruption-free, modern ecosystem. Prevent frauds by using secured and trusted digital ledgers

What we offer With experience in creating Blockchain-based solutions and systems, Minddeft offers you the following

  • Compelling and interesting decentralized applications
  • Enhanced core business competencies
  • Cross-training your employees and helping them multitask better
  • Cutting-edge applications offering a competitive advantage
  • Innovation, and innovation-fueled approaches!


  • 1. What is a blockchain system?
    A Blockchain system is basically everything that goes into developing a particular blockchain. Everything from algorithm to cryptographic functions to state machine. Since there are different varieties of blockchains with different properties, these systems help in understanding the characteristics of a blockchain.
  • 2. How does a blockchain-based model work
    All the transactions that occur on a Blockchain are grouped together into cryptographically-secured blocks. The block is then broadcast to the network. A blockchain network is comprised of nodes or participants who validate and relay transaction information. The block of transactions is verified by participants called miners, who use computing power to solve a cryptographic puzzle and validate the block of transactions. The first miner to solve and validate the block is rewarded. Each verified block is connected to the previously verified block, creating a chain of blocks. One important cryptographic underpinning of blockchains is the hash function. Hashing assigns a fixed value to a string that is inputted into the system. Blockchain hashing power results in a deterministic, quickly-computable, and preimage-resistant system. Explore our knowledge base to learn more about how a blockchain works.
  • 3. What is a blockchain application?
    Blockchain applications are comparable to conventional software applications, except they implement a decentralized architecture and crypto economic systems to increase security. This further helps in fostering trust, tokenizing assets, and even designing fresh network incentives. There are over 90 Ethereum apps that are currently being used across the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, from prediction markets to smart legal agreements.
  • 4. What are the benefits of blockchain technology?
    Blockchain technology has a wide variety of benefits, for both global enterprises and local communities. The most commonly cited benefits of a blockchain are trusted data coordination, attack-resistance, shared IT infrastructure, tokenization, and built-in incentivization.

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