Custom Blockchain Development

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Optimize different use-cases for your business using custom Blockchain products and explore the opportunity of developing a tailored made solution to suit specific requirements by dividing deep into Blockchain Technology.

Our expertise in Blockchain and Blockchain-related products and services allow us to deliver the best products to you. We serve all industries under the umbrella - from Fintech, SCM, Healthcare, to Education, Real Estate, Gaming, and more.

Benefits of Blockchain-based Products

Improved and seamless money transfer - both national and international - without the need for middlemen.
Reduced costs for international money transfer as compared to the costs using legacy methods.
Reduced interest and transaction fee rates during decentralized lending, decentralized exchange, and decentralized collection of all the records on a Blockchain.
Improved loan management with more transparency, accuracy, security, and efficiency, as De-Fi connects lenders with borrowers more easily, allowing credit checks and digital assets to be transferred easily.

Here’s what we provide

If you’re looking to get custom Blockchain developed, you’re in the right place. Minddeft’s team of experts works by first understanding your requirements. Doing that allows us to craft the best possible product for you - one that serves your purpose while being intuitive and easy to use and operate.

Here’s what is in our services spectrum when it comes to Custom Blockchain Development:

Custom Blockchain Development and Integration
Every organization is unique, and so are the ways in which you can apply blockchain technology to achieve and exceed your organization's goals. Nobody understands this better than our team. With a firm grasp on the best features of the top modern frameworks, we custom make solutions that maximize the efficacy of your existing environment. Every custom blockchain development designed and integrated by PixelPlex is unique to our client's needs.
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
Cryptocurrency exchanges must be safe, user-friendly, and readily accessible. We can transform your big idea into a secure and flexible exchange platform that supports easy and efficient transactions. Our cryptocurrency exchange development services also include integrating liquidity systems that connect to larger exchanges to ensure sufficient volume exists on your exchange. We also provide instant audit systems that inspect every deposit and withdrawal.
Blockchain Consulting
Whether it's Quorum, Hyperledger, Corda, EOS, Ethereum, or another platform that you have in mind, we have the practical experience and expertise to help you identify the maximum potential that a blockchain solution can provide for your organization. We can provide you with research, proof of concept and MVP development, and thorough analysis to help you select the blockchain development services that are most feasible for you.
DApp Development
Our highly-specialized blockchain application development team can translate your big ideas into reliable and robust code. Combined with our expert front-end design, your final product will be seamless, intuitive, and engaging. You have peace of mind when you rely on us for blockchain app development. We value complete transparency, and we deliver products that continue working beautifully throughout its entire lifetime.
Blockchain POC Development
A Proof of Concept (POC) is used to demonstrate the feasibility and practical potential of any blockchain project in any field such as Energy, Communication, Services, Insurance and Healthcare. A POC can either be a prototype without any supporting code or any MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with bare featureset. It is used for internal organization who can have a better understanding of a particular project. To create a POC, we walk with you through the core development stages that will in end create a potential solution for a project's feasibility. We keep your requirements at the focal point during the entire journey so that the entire Blockchain POC development process revolves around your targets!


  • 1. What is Blockchain technology?
    Blockchain technology can be understood as a technology based on a publicly accessible ledger that is transparent and trustworthy. This tech allows superior security, especially when it comes to transferring the ownership of units of value using public key encryption and proof of work methods.

    The Blockchain tech is not centrally connected to a bank, corporation, or the government, and uses decentralized consensus instead. The decentralization of this network increases with an increase in the size of the network, and consequently, the security increases too. While this technology was introduced by Bitcoin, the potential that this holds extends far beyond just cryptocurrencies. It has found its way in a lot of traditional industries, including finance, NGOs, government services, e-commerce, and so much more.
  • 2. How is this tech used in businesses?
    Blockchain essentially works by eliminating the middleman. In doing so, it offers secure sharing of business processes including business activities, records and contracts between firms and partners in an encrypted manner. Since these transactions are not centralized but done in multiple locations, these are extremely difficult to tamper or alter.
  • 3. What is BaaS?
    BaaS stands for Blockchain as a Service. In today’s world, most of the technology is available as a rental. Likewise, BaaS allows organizations to rent out a Blockchain infrastructure in the cloud. The software and hardware required to run blockchain applications are completely provisioned, managed, and hosted by the service provider. All the after sales support, maintenance, and everything else is taken care of by this provider. The Baas partner can build the blockchain network on any blockchain platform such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Bitcoin, Corda, Quorum, or more.
  • 4. What are Blockchain Consensus Algorithms?
    Consensus Algorithm is what is responsible for verifying the transaction, balance, and signature. There are broadly two important implementations of the Consensus Algorithm -- Proof of Work and Proof of Stack.

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