Cryptocurrency Wallet

With the ever increasing demand for crypto currencies and the influx of ICOs in the market, there is an incessant need for digital currency security. Enter Blockchain based wallets! A crypto currency wallet is a 100% secure system which allows one to receive, send and manage crypto currencies from one centralized portal, making the process efficient and seamless. This also helps investors manage token transactions.

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It is commonly known that most of the prominent token sale or ICO investors belong to either the non-crypto community or are first time users. Hence, there are a lot of pitfalls in the way; as in they are completely unaware of existing wallets and their benefits like imToke, MyEtherWallet, Mist, etc. Building trust in terms of token security becomes a big obstacle, especially in the case of 3rd party open source wallets by the cryptocurrency wallet development. Such individuals usually tend to prefer offline solutions for asset management. This is where our robust crypto currency wallet ticks all the right buttons. Prioritizing security as a cryptocurrency development company our wallet allows you to store your private data with relative ease. Easy integration of different payment methods, seamless interface and user-friendly operation are just some of the benefits on offer.

Key Features

Custom Token Integration

Our wallet solutions allow you to integrate custom tokens launched on the Ethereum platform with minimum hassle and maximum ease. There is no restriction on the type and form.

Online and Offline Vaults

Minddeft’s crypto currency wallet brings forth both online and offline vaults, combining the best of both worlds. Our offline vault works similar to Coinbase whereas the online counterpart works as MyEtherWallet.

Two Factor Authentication

Just like some of the most secure transaction systems online, our wallet comes equipped with two-factor authentication system. This is just that extra layer of protection which creates all the difference.

Chrome Extension

Catering to anybody and everybody, our crypto currency wallet gets easily integrated with Google Chrome thanks to the extension present, which is the most common platform amongst crypto investors.

Less or Zero Transaction Fees for Investors

Since there is an offline vault solution on offer as well, the transaction fee comes down to a bare minimum, or none at all in some cases. This is good news for regular token investors.

Secure Private Keys

Contrary to conventional methods, private keys stay ‘totally private’ with our crypto currency wallet system. They are stored in an encrypted format further equipped with smart contracts on an Ethereum network which is private as well. Decryption occurs only when the secure passphrase is entered by the user.

Integration with existing application or wallets

Minddeft’s crypto currency wallet is a portable and dynamic solution which can be easily integrated into existing applications via API. This keeps the value of the legacy systems intact supplementing them with our cutting edge wallet solution.

Value Proposition

Increase crypto and non-crypto investors

Since there is something for everyone, our cryptocurrency development company comprehensive wallet system helps attract more investors, which results in an increased token value size. Option of an offline, online and chrome extension helps induce trust in the customers, making the overall process more efficient and seamless.

Easy to use for non-technical Investors

Understanding the non-technical nature of some investors, our dashboard and crypto currency wallet stand high on user friendliness and seamless operation. Performing transactions, securing data and managing tokens is as easy as it gets.

Assurance with multi-level of security

When crypto currency is involved, security means everything. Putting all our eggs in one basket, Minddeft’s crypto currency wallet comes equipped with multi-layered security systems which are robust through and through via encrypted private keys, 2-factor authentication and passphrases.

Increase the value of token

More number of investors since the nature of our cryptocurrency wallet development is multi-dimensional, maximized security levels, easy to understand interface and usage – all these reasons and more directly and indirectly optimize the token value substantially.

Offline vault brings zero transaction cost

No such thing as 0 transactions cost? Think again! Our offline vault system incurs no transaction cost whatsoever, giving cost effectiveness a whole new dimension.

Increase user experience significantly

The transactions are simple and easy to execute, the dashboard is feature-rich, the information and private data is completely secure, easy integration of different payment methods, ultimately enriching the overall user experience.

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