Crowdfunding Platform with Stripe Integration (Liferay)

Client Overview

  • Client is USA based healthcare startup company, having team of highly qualified team and partners from healthcare industry.
  • Usually drug companies in the USA are not targeting these rare diseases to manufacture the drugs, because of no profit margin, as a consequence people suffering from rare diseases struggling a lot in terms of finding the right treatments and money needed for the research behind that.
  • So our client decided to come up with crowdfunding solution to help these rare disease groups, to allow them raise funds for the research of drugs. From there idea of very generalize, highly customized, and highly portable crowdfunding platform arise.

Business Needs

  • Highly secure portal that can be integrated with legacy user systems.
  • Need of generalize platform which works for multiple customers.
  • Integration with Amazon Cloud front for better performance.
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Custom user management with Liferay
  • Custom session management with Liferay portal.
  • Stripe integration.

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