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India based startup, founded by group of technical and domain experts, with the aim to create a platform, to have local real estate leads and classifieds in regional language with powerful search anytime anywhere. Founders researched that lot of local leads being posted in bunch of newspapers which are getting unnoticed and unreachable on timely basis. Client team has years of research for Real Estate and decided to develop a platform where all things could be digitized and easily accessible.


Efficient Lead Insertion for Daily Business Needs

Creating a seamless and efficient lead insertion system is paramount for businesses. It ensures a continuous influx of potential customers, which is essential for daily operations. With a robust backend system, multiple team members can efficiently insert thousands of leads every day, potentially reaching millions in a month. This streamlined process is the lifeblood of businesses that rely on a constant flow of leads to fuel their growth and success.

A Multilingual Platform for User-Friendly Regional Searching

In today's diverse world, a multilingual platform is essential for catering to a wide range of users. It enables a user-friendly experience by allowing individuals to search in their preferred regional language, such as Gujarati or Hindi. This inclusivity ensures that people from different linguistic backgrounds can navigate and interact with the platform comfortably and effectively.

Empowering Your Search with Robust Big Data Tools

Empowering your search capabilities is crucial, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. To achieve this, robust Big Data tools like Hadoop or custom solutions are instrumental. They enhance your ability to efficiently search and process vast amounts of data, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness in your operations.

Scalable Architecture for Seamless Data Handling and Integration

In the modern business landscape, a scalable architecture is essential for seamless data handling and integration. It enables your system to adapt to the growing volume of data and facilitates the smooth integration of various modules. This scalability ensures your platform remains agile and efficient as your business expands and evolves.

Easily Integrated Third-Party Solutions, Including Map APIs

Seamless integration of third-party solutions, such as Map APIs, is a critical aspect of modern platforms. This ease of integration enhances user experiences and provides valuable additional features like location-based services. It ensures your platform remains versatile and up-to-date with the latest technologies and services.

A Versatile Database for Handling Localities and Data Duplication

A flexible database capable of managing a wide range of localities and handling data duplication is essential for efficient operations. This adaptability ensures that your system can accommodate the diverse data requirements of different regions and effectively manage potential data redundancies.

Key to Success: High-Performance Data Processing

The key to success in your business, particularly when dealing with extensive daily data processing, is high-performance systems. Ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently, even when handling large volumes of data, is crucial for achieving your goals.

Empowering Your Platform with Accurate Role-Based Hierarchy and Permissions

Empower your platform with precision by implementing a role-based hierarchy and permissions system. This ensures that users have the right access and responsibilities within the system, contributing to streamlined operations and enhanced security.

Enhancing Efficiency with an Automated Incentive System for Franchise and Publishers

Boost efficiency and motivation in your business by implementing an automated incentive system for both franchisees and publishers. This system simplifies the process of rewarding and motivating your partners, driving better results and higher engagement.


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