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The client sought to create a blockchain gaming incubator and launchpad, necessitating an experienced team for end-to-end blockchain product development, a strong grasp of launchpad operations, liquidity and staking expertise, secure smart contracts, and timely product delivery to engage the community. Challenges included building a fully decentralized solution, launching multiple products simultaneously, coordinating with multiple teams globally, and delivering high-quality products with limited resources. Solutions involved ensuring seamless community integration, secure smart contracts certified by CERTIK, a dedicated team for on-time delivery, efficient communication, and driving token value from $0 to $16. The project's success led to Seedify's ranking among the top Binance Smart Chain launchpads.


End to end development of Blockchain Products

In search of a versatile team capable of overseeing end-to-end blockchain product development, from inception to deployment, ensuring comprehensive solutions and successful project execution.

Working knowledge of launchpad, liquidity and staking related calculation

Proficient knowledge of launchpad operations and a deep understanding of liquidity management and staking calculations, underpinning the foundation for successful blockchain projects and decentralized ecosystem development.

Build complete decentralised solutions for powerful community

Build inclusive, decentralized solutions to empower and connect thriving communities, fostering active participation and collaboration while enhancing overall engagement and interaction.

Smart contract auditing by auditors like CERTIK.

The development team must ensure that the smart contracts are secure and audit-ready, meeting the rigorous standards of renowned auditors such as CERTIK for enhanced trust and reliability.

Timely delivery

Timely product delivery is vital for sustaining an engaged community. Meeting project deadlines fosters trust, maintains interest, and ensures a positive experience for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.


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