Developing a Customized NFT Store for Unique Art Collections

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The client aimed to develop an NFT marketplace to enhance the bond between celebrities and their fans by monetizing emotions for mutual growth. The envisioned marketplace would facilitate consumers in purchasing and trading NFTs, while celebrities could launch their NFTs. The platform was intended to be managed by administrators on behalf of the celebrities, and with the rising trend of celebrities tokenizing their personas, the client sought a swift platform launch.


Reduced Gas Costs & Quick Transactions

To enhance the platform's appeal, it was essential to ensure speedy and cost-effective transactions for users. The objective was to curtail the gas costs associated with transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Secure NFT Management for Celebrities

The platform needed an admin panel, enabling celebrities to manage their NFTs securely and efficiently.

Resale of NFTs on Other Marketplaces

A feature was required to allow users to resell their NFTs on alternative marketplaces, amplifying the NFT's reach and popularity.

Multiple Purchase Options

The marketplace should cater to diverse user preferences, allowing them to either directly purchase NFTs or acquire them through bidding.

Multi-Currency Support

To enhance user convenience, the platform was to support multiple currencies, granting users the flexibility to purchase NFTs with their preferred currency.

Swift Marketplace Launch

Capitalizing on the growing celebrity interest in NFTs, the client emphasized the need for the marketplace to be operational within a 2-month timeframe.


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