B2B Lending Ledgers on Private Permission Blockchain

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Australia based B2B lending startup looking forward to create secure platform which can help their lenders and borrowers to execute all lending transactions securely. Platform which can create trust and transparency between all the parties by leveraging Distributed ledger Technology.


End to End Lending

B2B lending has layer of processes like Inquiry, Due Diligence, Documentation, Disbursement, Auditing & Reporting, Settlement and Completion. Business needed solution which cover end to lending processes.

Transaction Privacy

COne of the critical requirements of the business to have transaction privacy. Lending and borrowing could be part of multiple lending contracts and there could be multiple stake holders' part of lending contracts. All parties should get access only transactions which are relevant to them.

Secure Transactions History

Ledgers for all the lending transactions should be secure and immutable between any parties or even platform provider.

Contract Automation

Business also required automation of lending contracts to handle some of the processes without interaction of human input. Contracts should be executed securely on decentralized network to execute on some events with contracts.


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