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Have support for your business’ token sale or ICO, but bounty campaign management seems like too tough an ordeal? Boost your ICO thanks to our comprehensive Bounty Campaign Portal, which brings in all kinds of features and services under one umbrella. All you need to do is make a few clicks and you can easily manage Bounty Campaigns, irrespective of their scale and depth.

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Slowly but surely, Bounty Campaigns have grown to become the vital difference maker when it comes to ICO marketing. Minddeft is committed to bridging the gap between the hard work put in by bounty hunters and overall client satisfaction. This is where Bounty Management meets automation! What start-ups tend to do these days and this is where they falter, is, that they manage hefty social media or bounty campaigns through free Google Sheets. Now, if the number of supporters is huge, processes like managing tokens, keeping track, making payments become a nightmare. This is where Minddeft Bounty Campaign portal enters the fray, by improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the entire process thanks to cutting edge technology. Our platform brings forth an all-in-one solution to access multiple bounty tasks, assess the work done by bounty hunters, make timely payments and much more.

Key Features

Quick to get supporters on board

Timing is everything when it comes to ICO or a bounty campaign. With a seamless two-step process and shorter forms, you can enhance your community size quickly and bring everyone together for the cause of bounty campaigns.

Multiple Social Media Campaigns

In today’s day and age, social media runs everything. Recognizing this, our bounty campaign portal allows you to manage and integrate multiple social media campaigns via Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Bitcoin Talk and more.

Automated Token Assignment & Point System

Gone are the days when you’ll have to manually manage tokens and points through excel sheets. All you need to do is configure the token assignment settings and our portal will do all the hard work for you. According to the points system, bounty activities will be rated and calculated automatically.

Control over Abuse Users or Post

Even if you don’t like it, it is far too common an occurrence for shady profiles and competitors to resort to spamming. Our portal allows you to control and negate these posts and users with a few clicks.

Robust Approval System

Our bounty campaign portal allows you to manage approvals either manually or in an automated manner. According to your comfort, you can pre-set a few configurations, using which approvals will be generated automatically.

Unique links for Signature Campaigns

Bitcoin Talk signature campaigns are a very popular commodity in the extensive crypto community. Our portal provides a seamless interface allowing participants to gain unique URLs, which can then be used as signatures in Bitcoin Talk.

No Duplicate Bounty Posts

In order to gain support, every Bounty participants needs to submit social media posts. Our portal makes this process redundancy-proof by detecting duplicate posts instantly, so that participants don’t get any undue advantage.

Referral Bonus System

Who doesn’t like referrals? This is good news for participants and start-ups alike! Our inbuilt referral bonus system helps companies bring in a larger number of supports for their product along with boosting the chances of a participant to earn more tokens.

Value Proposition

Improved efficiency with automated token assignment Legacy bounty portals consume bundles of time, effort and resources when it comes to assigning and managing tokens. Our bounty campaign portal system automates these entire processes, so that you can focus on the more important aspects such as marketing.

Get rid of lengthy google sheets

Money is not everything; this is what many start-ups don’t understand by opting for free Google Sheets for bounty campaigns. In most cases though, these sheets prove to be ineffective when it comes to tracking, payments, managing huge bundles of supporter data. Our bounty campaign portal eliminates the need for sheets by bringing in absolute automation. This helps to keep track of the overall progress and ensures that the progress gets dynamically updated whenever a task reaches completion.

Deep Insights on Supporters with Analytics

Minddeft’s comprehensive bounty campaign portal comes with in-built analytics which allows start-ups to understand every bit of data in vivid detailing and depth. Where is the support coming from, what are the demographics, what’s the age range, and other important insights are featured in the portal analytics. This helps managers fine tune their campaigns for better results and efficiency by improving on the aspects that aren’t working too well.

Increased ROI with less management

Given that most of the bounty campaign processes are gaining automation through our portal, it gives you and your team the time to focus on the more important tasks such as marketing, integration and creating awareness. This indirectly enhances the ROI and saves critical resources and effort.

Cost Effective Compare to Cloud based

Contrary to legacy cloud-based systems which usually tend to run on per supporter or per campaign payment systems, Minddeft’s bounty campaign portal opts for a straight forward costing system which drives on automation. Saving resources like time and effort indirectly induces money savings as well, making it a cost effective solution for raising funds.

Less Fraud with Post based Approval System

Our consolidated bounty campaign portal comes with an approval system, either manual or automated. This ensures that bounty support posts come without any fraudulent activities, by automatically detecting spam posts or users.

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