With the Aim to Expand Blockchain Network AERGO Partners With NEO Global Capital
on December 26th,2018
One of the prominent Blockchain investment fund, NGC – NEO Global Capital is now collaborating with AERGO. This collaboration is happening for a strategic collaboration which will help NGC to smoothen innovation in the AERGO ecosystem. NEO Global Capital will not just provide facilitate collaborations with enterprises, developers, universities and research labs but it will also provide advisory support to AERGO. This collaboration between NGC and AERGO will support AERGO in achieving its vision of developing an open platform for distributed services.
Founding Partner at NGC Roger Lim said that “we invest not only in people, technologies or in companies but looking broadly at the future of financial technology as a whole. Our aim is to help blockchain projects with a pragmatic approach to expanding, increase their global reach Blockchain Development Services Company.

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According to the signed agreement, NGC will provide whenever needed advisory support to AERGO. And it will help AERGO in driving collaboration with enterprises, developers, universities and research labs across Asia. furthermore, as leveraging NGC’s network of developer communities the AERGO purpose is to provide a secure way to deliver data and value to its valuable clients. With that, at the end organization will be able to seamlessly integrate their existing IT systems with Blockchain Technology from Blockchain Development Services Company.
Like NEO, AERGO will also leverage NGC’s portfolio of wide-ranging business and wide network of worldwide developer communities. AERGO purpose is to aid in the adoption of distributed ledger technology by offering companies with newer better ways to transfer value and data securely. The platform will enable the enterprise to integrate the prevailing IT systems in a seamless manner with Blockchain Technology. The purpose to flexibly implement distributed applications while retaining trust, immutability as well as compliant record keeping.