Why does the Supply Chain need Blockchain?

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    By Amee Mehta
    Jun 17th, 2019
    There are many digital technologies at various stages of development ensure you for manufactures and the supply chain. Here the main challenge for management teams is finding which technologies to invest in and especially when. As per the supply chain development company, blockchain technology offers a solution to the growing problems of how to manage complicated networks of manufacturers and suppliers when transparency, speed, and agility are critical. Mainly, here are the three key implications of blockchain technology to supply chain applications: 1. Shared ledgers of validated transaction play the role of an immutable SVOT - a single version of the truth across various businesses. Many SVOT ledgers have applications provide provenance of high-value goods, record a financial audit trail and enable a chain of custody solutions. Also, it is important to note a critical issue of managing data security and confidentiality is must be tackled in blockchain before it can be used in broad supply chain applications. 2. Blockchain smart contracts enforce terms and conditions as transactions are conducted between any participants. It drives consistency, also it provides common governance and multi-party workflow orchestration across businesses. [caption id="attachment_730" align="alignnone" width="300"]supplay chain development [/caption]
    3. Lastly, blockchain diverts the focus of technology solutions away from enterprise onto the serving network such as the system of engagement across companies. The most profound impact on the supply chain is to realize that supply chains are really networks. LinkedIn built a network foundation that not only created a solution but ut radically simplified various tasks of managing an individual’s contacts. Like that, managing the supply chain is a network problem which needs a network solution. As per the supply chain development company, the buzz around blockchain technology is raising awareness and creating the way for faster adoption of supply chain networks. Minddeft creates solutions that cover all facets of the supply chain, including a particular focus on logistics. Transparency and traceability are the most important foundations of logistics and we at Minddeft optimize business transactions and trading relationships with robustly secure, global business networks. To know more about blockchain contact the consultancy team on,minddeft.com

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