What makes blockchain universally usable?

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    By Amee Mehta
    Sep 12th, 2022
    As Bitcoin launched to the public domain and witnessed proliferating growth, the underlying technology behind bitcoin gained widespread attention. Blockchain is a path-breaking invention that was developed in 2009 alongside Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to ever exist. It is a decentralized network that facilitates transactions and information to securely flow from one center to another. Blockchain was initially developed to support bitcoin but given its success, a host of tech giants and multinational companies now own blockchain networks. There are numerous reasons why blockchain is universally usable.  Some of these include the extensive documentation, ease of creation and use, and the transparency it provides on the global platform. In this article, we'll deep dive into the reasons that make the blockchain technology universally adaptable.  
    • Easy documentation
      In today's world, everything requires consent and approval which in turn increases the need for documentation. Accuracy, genuineness, and easy accessibility in documentation make things easier for a company. This is the reason why blockchain technology is adopted by companies worldwide, regardless of the industry they belong to. Blockchain technology's simple and efficient documentation process coupled with data security make it universally suitable in various industries across the globe.   
    • The unique design of the technology 
      Blockchain is incredibly designed and is referred to as the inner structure of bitcoin. The design of the Blockchain technology makes it simple for anyone to access it without any confusion or complication. Companies like Visa and Mastercard make use of blockchain technology as it is straightforward and can be used without any technical expertise. This is another reason why blockchain finds its way into various sectors with ease.  
    • Sophisticated software
      Blockchain technology creates the most simple and sophisticated software. There is a common misconception that a strong knowledge of blockchain technology is a must to create software. This is far from reality. A simple computer professional with adequate knowledge of coding and decoding can easily create a blockchain network.   
    • Companies can easily switch to the blockchain network
      The process of entering the world of blockchain is relatively simple and comfortable. There is no complex process involved. The company can either procure the Blockchain technology from another company that's currently using the technology, or it can create its blockchain network infrastructure. The former saves a lot of money for the company and is convenient. This is one of the reasons why multinational giants worldwide opt for blockchain technology.   
    • Multi-layered Security
      Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies have multiple layers of security that make them hugely popular and trustworthy. The security level offered by blockchain technology depends on the organization's requirements. So, a company can switch to the blockchain network with the highest level of security. This is another reason why blockchain technology is globally usable.   
    • Quicker transactions and communication
      Speed is an important aspect when it comes to communication and financial services. A transaction (be it data or money) is effective only if the process is fast. Blockchain offers the fastest transfers making it the most indispensable invention in the recent past. This is why Blockchain is used by data and finance companies across the globe.   
    • Easy to manage
      Global companies prefer technologies that are easy to manage and perform multiple roles. Blockchain proved its mettle as sophisticated yet easily manageable technology and quickly became the most popular technology worldwide. The flexibility provided by the technology helps the users to operate an entire brand or a particular entity with ease.  
    • Easy to connect
      Blockchains are the connection of various computer systems from all parts of the world. Although it might sound complicated, creating and operating a blockchain network is very simple. Every time a transaction is made, the blockchain will scrutinize the transaction across multiple computer systems making it more secure and authentic. The transaction clearance happens in a jiffy.    
    • Globally recognized
      Contrary to the popular belief, Blockchain is a separate entity and does not come under the control of any Government. There is no restriction imposed by the Government of any nation on Blockchain although it has its own rules and regulations. Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are not recognized by a few countries but blockchain technology enjoys universal acceptance. Some countries may not be completely friendly with blockchain networks but there is no ban or restriction on their usage. Check out: Stablecoin Development