What is the Difference Between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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    By Amee Mehta
    Apr 23rd, 2019
    Recently because of the crypto bubble, several bitcoin investors become millionaires almost overnight. Which makes the terms blockchain and cryptocurrency well known in the market. Before the crypto bubble, there was only one popular cryptocurrency which was bitcoin. When different types of crypto-currencies developed by Cryptocurrency Development Company emerged in the market, the term blockchain had to acquire a distinct meaning. Blockchain creates a chain of exclusive blocks. And each block contains different information related to each transaction.
    On the other hand, As per Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Service providers, cryptocurrency refers to the tokens exchange within blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency tokens have monetary value and can be sold, bought, invested in, micro tipped and used for payments.

    The Main Difference Between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency,

    As per the Blockchain Development Service provider, blockchain is the reason behind the existence of cryptocurrencies in the market. The blockchain serves as the distributed ledger that forms the network. The purpose of these networks is to create the means for transacting and enables transferring of information as well as values.
    And the various cryptocurrencies developed by the Cryptocurrency Development Company. Are the tokens used within blockchain networks to deliver value and pay for each transaction? Moreover, you can see them as a tool on the blockchain technology, in most of the cases serving as a resource function. And other time they are used to provide digitize the value of an asset.
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    Most of the Blockchain Application Development companies believe that blockchain is a technology, in which the cryptocurrency is a part of the ecosystem. Both of them go hand in hand and crypto is generally necessary to transact on a blockchain. Some Blockchain Development Service provider says that without blockchain, there's no use of these transactions to be recorded and transferred.
    Blockchains and cryptocurrencies both are advanced technology-based developments. They both facilitate virtual transactions online.
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