What is Bitcoin Mining?

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    By Amee Mehta
    May 13th, 2019

    What is Mining?

    Mining is the most exciting and essential concept in Bitcoin Technology. Mining is the operation where new transactions are annexed to the blockchain. The mining process is not only limited to the bitcoins, but it also applies to all other Blockchain Development. The process requires mining hardware, where not all nodes are involved in mining.

    How Mining Works?

    Transaction validation is very much questioned in Bitcoin as well as Ethereum as they are a decentralized system. When it comes to POW (proof-of-work), the one with the high computational power is allowed to approve the transaction. Here it is difficult to find the node with such computational power. This happens just because it requires a central entity to make the various decision which is not possible in P2P application like Bitcoin Technology.
    Bitcoin Blockchain Developer.
    To find the solution to this problem, the protocol allows all nodes to compete with others to solve a cryptographic puzzle. The highest computational power node has a better chance to address first. The node that explains first proposes their blocks to other then the miner gets credited with the block reward at a time when someone accepts it. The protocol is selecting the node with the computational power implicitly. Also, the same process is repeated for each and every new block by Bitcoin Blockchain Developer.
    Every transaction is broadcasted in the network of Bitcoin blockchain. The miners follow and engage in transaction verification. When the transactions are not performed the miner verify it here they also have to maintain the latest version of the blockchain. Which means the miners assemble a new block and also verified transactions to it. Overall with this, they can solve the cryptographic puzzle.
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