What Is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Are They Still Relevant?

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    By Amee Mehta
    Jul 11th, 2019
    ICOs - initial coin offering is a type of crowdfunding or investment tool conducted on the blockchain. The main reason behind ICO was to collect funds for new projects by selling digital coins or tokens to interested investors. Entrepreneurs lay out the timeline on the whitepaper and set a target budget where they describe the funding for different departments such as marketing, R&D and some other as well as coin distribution. The investors purchase that decided token with the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum during the crowdfunding campaign. For any startup or small business, ICOs - initial coin offering plays a vital role and can become a golden ticket to get a project off the ground. It may appear as an uncomplicated, relatively quick way to secure funding with low barriers to entry. As per the initial coin offering development company, it takes less than 100 lines of code to develop token on Ethereum. Ideally, ICOs generate buyer competition for the token, they provide an idea to the entrepreneurs of what consumers are willing to pay for such different services, similar to crowdfunding. This research is valuable as it may increase the returns for entrepreneurs beyond what can be achieved through traditional financing. Blockchain The ICO is a way to get more insight at different stages where there’s still a lot of uncertainty around what the value of such a platform like digital will be. By issuing a token at zero value, market forces can increase the price up if people are confident about the capability of a specific team to build a successful platform they’re promising they’ll build. The tokens can help the startup attract early adopters and encourage the developers to develop and build on top of a new platform. Minddeft - initial coin offering development company believes in making the best out of evolving technologies. Over a small period, they have created a strong team of developer who has great knowledge about the blockchain technology. To get more information you can contact them on,+1 (415) 968 5466

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