What Can Blockchain Technology Actually Do For The Food Industry?
on February 26th,2019
There has been a lot of prediction about cryptocurrencies, especially about the Bitcoin. Some people say cryptocurrencies are a fraud, but the majority of people believes in the cryptocurrencies as well as in the Bitcoin. Bitcoin has brought a blockchain technology with it, which offers a great opportunity and potential for food safety. Simply the blockchain technology is a way to store and share information across the user’s network in an open virtual space. In the food industry, it helps a retailer with the help of supply chain with blockchain, knows more about with whom his supplier has had to deal, as transactions are not stored in any single location, which means it becomes impossible to hack the information.
Same on the other side, the consumers can trace the source of their ordered vegetable in just a few seconds. Grocery stores could maintain their inventory, they could verify if a carton of eggs is actually cage-free or not? Shippers can check that the truck is full before they schedule a delivery or not?
Food Safety Supply Chain with Blockchain
With the help of the advance Blockchain Supply Chain Development Company one can make a supply chain more transparent at all levels. It empowers the supply chain to be more responsive to its food safety disasters. Also, Nestlé and Unilever are considering the blockchain for those reasons. With the completion of two blockchain pilot projects in the USA Walmart can provide all the information about the product to its consumer within 2.2 seconds only.
food industry
Blockchain also allows some products to be traced whenever you want, which would help in reducing food waste. Such products like contaminated products can be traced easily, on the other side safe foods would remain on the shelves and not be sent to landfills.
As per the supply chain development company, blockchain technology will help food companies and retailer to better supervise and manage the shelf life of the product and also reduce the risk of non-compliance in an individual store, by ensuring that consumers are getting safe and authenticated food products.
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