What are the Issues with Blockchain Performance?

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    By Amee Mehta
    Mar 25th, 2019

    According to experts from a Blockchain Development Services Company, blockchain technology stands out as one of the most innovative technologies of this decade. A notable aspect is that its full potential remains largely unexplored. Many tech experts are now referring to blockchain as 'Digital Gold,' a sentiment supported by recent statistics. Blockchain encompasses various subsets, with cryptocurrencies being a prominent component.

    However, as the usage of blockchain expands, certain performance issues are beginning to surface. Here are some of the major concerns regarding blockchain performance:

    1. Human Error: Human error is a prevalent issue in blockchain performance. Given that the blockchain database holds critical information, the accuracy and quality of the database depend on human input. This reliance on human actions increases the likelihood of errors.
    2. Transaction Fees: Transaction fees and network speed are significant factors contributing to blockchain issues. As per insights from the Blockchain Development Services Company, in 2016, the blockchain could only process about six to seven transactions per second, with each transaction costing approximately $0.20.
    3. Complexity Level: Despite being an emerging technology, blockchain has not yet fully penetrated mainstream industry verticals. Many attribute this to the complexity of blockchain technology, which has hindered exploration in various aspects.
    4. Network Size: Blockchain operates as a distributed system, and while it is resilient, it is not entirely anti-fragile. This means that it grows stronger with each attack on the system, requiring a substantial network of end-users for optimal functionality.
    5. Security Flaws: In a world of evolving technology, perfection is elusive, and blockchain is no exception. A notable flaw in blockchain, particularly in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is the vulnerability to false statements. If more than half of the computers acting as nodes in the system support a false statement, it becomes dominant and is considered true in the system.

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