Top 3 Blockchain Technology Trends in 2019

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    By Amee Mehta
    Apr 22nd, 2019
    Blockchain faced a rocky road journey in 2018 but still, it tipped as a technology with huge potential for transforming firm. The past year proves huge drops in value for its flagship use case Cryptocurrency Bitcoin and reports that many programs are failing to show true value. Many big players such as IBM and Walmart are continuing to push ahead, in need of innovative solutions around record keeping and secure recording of transactions. As per Blockchain Solutions Provider here are three predictions about the use of blockchain technology in 2019.

    1. Blockchain quietly goes mainstream

    Consumers are using blockchain every day without even recognizing it. Much of this exposure will come through supply chain projects, for example, the ability to scan a label on a food product, which enhances consumer trust and improve food safety.

    2. Blockchains get chatty

    Blockchain networks to date, when sharing the same technology, mostly remain siloed. In the year 2019, as organizations Hire Blockchain Developer and integrate their existing systems and business processes into these solutions, which somehow trigger the linkage between blockchain solution - mostly on all the levels of the tech stack.
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    3. More Blockchain Offerings from the Financial Services Industry

    Thanks to a Blockchain Solutions Provider, Cryptocurrency values somehow have taken a hammering during 2018, due in no small part to a bursting of the bubble built up around the arrival of such transformative technology. On the other hand, the financial services industry was undoubtedly shaken with the growth of this tech. In the developing markets, where the population is labeled "unbankable” due to institutions’ inability to connect them to its services, most of the start-ups are likely to lead the way with some different approach with innovative services built around blockchains and digital, fraud-resistant currencies, storage, and transfer mechanisms.
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