Minddeft and PegaSys shake hands to revolutionize Enterprise Blockchain

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    By Krunal Soni
    Jun 5th, 2019
    Minddeft is an organization based out of India that works on creating Blockchain-based solutions. Recently they partnered with PegaSys (Protocol Engineering Groups and Systems), a team dedicated to enterprise grade Blockchain. The purpose of this collaboration was majorly to build the solution for Enterprise Blockchain.This was done by making use of Pantheon - an open-sourced Ethereum client developed by PegaSys in Java. Pantheon includes features specially designed for enterprise use.
    Founded in 2015, Minddeft believes in keeping things simple and their customers at the forefront of everything they do. Being a collaboration of creatively like-minded people, Minddeft has time and again come up with exciting solutions that have helped organizations across various industries. With the sole focus on providing comprehensive Blockchain solutions to all businesses, Minddeft’s expertise include Hype Ledger, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Wallets, and much more. The team of PegaSys, on the other hand, comprises of engineers and experts that are leaders in the areas like Big Data Processing, Applied Cryptocurrency, Open Source Computing, Cloud Services, and Blockchain Development. One of the solutions Minddeft, in collaboration with PegaSys, has implemented is for the financial sector. It is a consortium to resolve various finance-related problems by providing apt solutions. Another usecase that has emerged as a result of this partnership has helped the real estate sector. Using Blockchain, and specifically Pantheon, they have come up with a private leasing system for the real-estate industry. Both Minddeft as well as PegaSys were always in favor in leveraging the Ethereum platform for their products. However, there was a slight problem here. The consortium, that was supposed to deal with a number of financial transactions, had to be completely secure and transparent. Ethereum, whether private or public, does not support any privacy features. Or, so to say, using the Ethereum platform for financial solutions is not recommended because there’s no feature where only permissioned wallets can see the transaction. The brilliant team of PegaSys came up with a solution for this problem, by the name Pantheon. Developed by PegaSys, the Pantheon platform supports privacy and a closed consortium can be implemented on it. By developing Pantheon, the PegaSys team eliminated the problem at hand, and brought forward a solution that was truly needed in this day and age, especially for the financial sector. Minddeft’s focus has always been towards Enterprise Blockchain. Through this partnership, they’ll be working with more such cases, and coming up with different sophisticated solutions, without compromising privacy, and all the while using Ethereum. This partnership is a clear sign of the exciting opportunities and innovations that the future holds for Blockchain and Blockchain-based solutions.

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