Is Angular.js Suitable for the Business Enterprises?

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    By Krunal Soni
    Oct 22nd, 2015
    Angular.js is the newest & rising technology of the Web application development nowadays. However that doesn’t give any assurance that it will continue to be appropriate tomorrow. Angular.js has a lot of factors going for it. For beginners, the front-end JavaScript application’s framework was extended and is continued by Google that knows something regarding the Web. It has some power with simplicity and that is possibly more than anything else which has crowned the Angular.js as the most accepted JavaScript framework nowadays. However, how safer it is for the business enterprises is a question. For business enterprises familiar to 10-years support guarantee for the software purchased, the Angular.js practice of breaking rearward compatibility because it rushes into the future can source concern. However, there are many reasons for believing that it’s different now. The Angular.js will continued to be used for a long time as the giant Google tries to bring something good everytime.
    Angular.js – Very Popular
    The market of web applications has seen many leaders coming as well as going. For instance, SproutCore was a top framework for many years. However it was replaced by Backbone.js and that too was replaced by Ember.js. However, Angular.js is a completely different story. Produced in the year 2009 by engineers of Brat Tech, Adam Abrons and Miško Hevery, Angular.js wasn’t an independent open-source. By the end of 2012, Angular.js had started to split itself from its pack. Angular.js recognition explodes the searches of Google TrendsAngular.js and taken off like a sky rocket a couple of years back as well as left all other frameworks of JavaScript in the dirt. By the year 2015, for the general interest at least, Angular.js had made all other frameworks into rounding errors. The similar trend holds exact in the jobs requiring experience of Angular.js. You need to observe what has made the Angular.js so much popular than all its counterparts. The framework is not having strong opinions on conventions; which makes learning much easier. Whereas some dispute that this suppleness makes it inferior than blinkered frameworks like Ember, which is the only downside it has.
    Is Angular.js the Right Option for You?
    There are many reasons to try Angular.js, despite the magnitude of your business enterprise. Should one continue with it? There’s a huge difference between the hype as well as actual implementation, and Angular.js looks to comprise both. During the Cambrian outburst of the WWW, a few JavaScript frameworks draw attention of many users. They stick just about as well as get maintained. Angular.js certainly meets that explanation of “attention as well as large numbers of users. So, now the trick is to do optimization of your structural design for a change or have locked into the big rewrites with no forwarding progress. To put that in other words, the modern business enterprise should be capable to hold the fast-moving changes on the Web that also involves the requirement to accept all the fast-moving changes in the frameworks including Angular.js which make the Web application development easy yet powerful.