How will AR (Augmented Reality) affect your life
on November 7th,2016
Gaming and entertainment are primary calling cards of augmented reality
If you think that the world of augmented reality will end at the periphery of gaming of entertainment then you are wrong, in its advanced and developed form, it is going to impart a big difference over the e-commerce setups of the world. Augmented reality has this power to transform this world into a global virtual hub. Most of the people think that it is a three-dimensional avatar of existing World Wide Web services. They are correct in their assessment, however, they missing an important part. Technologically speaking augmented reality is trotting down the barriers of touch and feel by adding a sense of size and depth in the virtual world.
Augmented reality is a slow and steady campaigner
The human race is evolving with digital technology, casual video chitchat sessions have evolved into serious business conferences. Business people are now using virtual tours in order to visit probable business sites. Political leaders and business leaders are now using holographic projections in order to make their presence felt everywhere. Right not it is the creamy layer of the business fraternity which is taking the best advantage of this facility, however, the day is not far ahead when this technology will travel down the line and other segments will also start taking note of it. Many cyber experts across the world are looking at it as the next destination of virtual reality. It is the next level of virtual reality that is unleashing itself right in front of you and it is only a matter of time when this technology will overpower existing methods of virtual communication.
Navigation and window-shopping are two primary check posts for Augmented Reality
Some three years ago, devices based on augmented reality were launched with great fanfare. The reception was great, but this launch was not sincere enough. They thought that augmented reality devices and software is yet another edition in the world of entertainment. It was true at that time. Many experts believe that it was an early launch that created a kind of image catastrophe for augmented reality as a technology; initial euphoria related to augmented reality fizzled out because of the lack of software and novelty factor. Cost factors came in the way of the spread of augmented reality devices. When we talk about IT solutions in particular then we can say that it is a “Razor blade sales methodology” that they adopt, means come up with a cheap device, get them lured and then make money on a regular basis with the help of software and other solutions. Augmented reality devices met with a failure because they were expensive and blades or the software was not in great supply.
Things are changing now, now they are associating augmented reality with shopping, it means that now you can visit certain stores online with the help of augmented reality device and feel the products in a three-dimensional environment. It is a big break through, it means next time if you wish to feel the interiors of a car that they have just launched, and then you do not need to visit the showroom at all. With the help of an augmented reality, you can see and feel the interiors. If you want them worthy enough to go for a tangible ride then it can be the next level of the game.
It is not the technology but it is the commerce associated with the technology that was creating hindrances in the proliferation of augmented reality. In the recent past, they have conducted a surgery with the help of some augmented reality devices. Latest devices from the armoury of Google supported this operation a great deal. Right now this is one rarest of the rare example that we are sharing with you, however, we are optimistic that more such things are on the cards in future.
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