How Blockchain can be Used in Real Estate
on February 21st,2019
Property is the largest investment and asset class in the world. Most people agree that investing in real estate is a lucrative way to live a better lifestyle. The blockchain is the back of cryptocurrencies. It is also changing the real estate market. Technology plays an important role in each n every industry, Blockchain in Real Estate gives hassle-free legal agreements and eliminates the need for traditional paper money exchange. Overall buying or selling of crypto in real estate is creating big opportunities for diversification.
For real estate, the blockchain has the potential to change the method of doing the business. By developing a smart contract, one will enable real estate contracts, property records, escrows to be completed and monies distributed without attorneys or without title companies. These contracts are mostly compared with a vending machine concept, Like, you deposit the money and the machine spits out the final product without any human intervention.

blockchain in real estate

Also, some predictors say that it may be possible for homebuyers to buy a property or a home and complete the sale by just clicking on a shopping cart on a website. With the correct implementation of Blockchain in Real Estate, the blockchain will ensure that the buyers get there title or deed and the seller gets there cash via cryptocurrency. Using blockchain for real estate can also help you in keeping record the title or deed to the appropriate public records.
Professional real estate dealer will continue to dig in the era of the blockchain. Blockchain technology is continuously changing global real estate today. There’s no small feat in a market who don’t know for embracing change or new technologies with ease. Also, it represents a powerful reminder to the world that the blockchain will likely be the enduring legacy of revolution of the cryptocurrency.
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