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    By Amee Mehta
    Dec 15th, 2020
    If you are looking for a powerful tool for any kind of distributed system that needs a lot of computing power, then blockchain is the answer. Many experts in the gaming industry have realized this face and were quick to act on it. The result of those quick actions were gaming applications and marketplace solutions that were driven by blockchain. Experts believe that blockchain technology has the power to completely disrupt the gaming industry. These effects can be seen from crypto collectibles that give real value to in-game assets to decentralized gaming and universes that operate with the help of transparent protocols that are driven by the entire community. Irrespective of these facts, there are still people who believe that blockchain is nothing but a hype in the gaming sector. If you are one of those people, then it is time to dispel those doubts. In this article, we will help you do just that by mentioning some of the most prominent gaming startups and products that use blockchain. Top Startups that are Using Blockchain As mentioned above, there are many gaming startups that are using the blockchain technology to their advantage. In this section, readers can learn just what those startups are. We have created a list of those organizations and that list is mentioned below.
    1. Mythical Games
    The headquarters of Mythical Games is located in Seattle, Washington, the United States of America. This organization classified itself as a type of blockchain-based game technology studio. It uses ledger technology to enhance the growth of its digital economies. This growth of economies is done on the basis of verifiable trading methods, digital assets, and scarcity of products. This company also released its first game, which is known as Blankos, in 2019. Mythical Games originated in 2018 with a team of industry veterans who had earlier worked at Yahoo, Activision, and Blizzard. It quickly raised over $16 million in the capital, which was used for developing the game that was based on digital marketplaces and blockchain.
    1. Double Jump.Tokyo
    My Crypto Heroes was released by Double Jump.Tokyo in 2019. This game was largely popular with individuals who were already familiar with the hardcore Japanese game mechanics. To further provide this game to other players, Double Jump.Tokyo also released tutorials to help amateur players. And from the reviews, it is quite clear that those tutorials helped a few players. But there were still players who had a tough time in understanding the quirky pixel art browser RPG that was required to play My Crypto Theories. Double Jump.Tokyo also worked on enhancing the UX of the game. Because of all this hard work, this Ethereum-based title has grown steadily in terms of it’s daily users and audience. There are also many other players who play My Crypto Heroes without interacting with the Ethereum blockchain aspect of the game. Those players are not counted in the data for interactions and active audience. My Crypto Heroes performed exceptionally in its high-value hand sales. There was also an increase in more generalized regular player-to-player character trading. Because of all these reasons, this game has become a successful example of what a collision between blockchain and computer gaming looks like. To spread this knowledge further, Double Jump.Tokyo is constantly using its MCH+ platform and ecosystem. Other developers are using MCH+ ecosystem to experiment with their own games and start their journey of development.
    UNIKOINGOLD is an organization that is also located in Seattle, Washington, the United States of America. This organization can be best described as an e-sports betting platform that uses blockchain. Every user is provided with a Unikrn wallet. This wallet stores UKG tokens, which can be used later to bet on various e-sports tournaments. Users can also enter into daily jackpots or use the tokens to pay as an entrance fee for participating in different tournaments. UNIKOINGOLD also offers a unique feature to its users who want to buy UKG tokens without having to convert their fiat currencies. That feature dictates that users can also use rare weapons and character skins to get UKG tokens. With the help of this application, it is possible for users to enter into and bet on e-sports events of the United Masters League and their UMode. This means that users can bet on games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Dota 2.
    1. Biscuit Labs
    Biscuit Labs is a South Korean organization that released its debut title called Mobile RPG EOS Knights with a lot of fanfare. Mobile RPG EOS Knights attracted over 6,000 daily active wallet users in March 2019. Sadly, this success did not last long. Mobile RPG EOS Knights ended that year with less than 300 users! There were many reasons for this varied performance, including a lack of deep metagame, EOS network congestion, and anti-bot measures. Biscuit Labs took this experience to heart and used their new knowledge to develop another game, which they called Knight Story. The second title was released on Ethereum in November. This title is also coming to Klaytn and TRON by the end of 2020. Many users often compared Knight Story with the first game. This is why you can also think of this game as EOS Knights 2. The second game offered several features that were similar to the first game. The difference was that in EOS Knights 2, the features were offered wrapped inside an improved UX and a few smart additions. Check out: Use-cases of NFTs Thankfully, EOS Knights 2 was well received by the gaming community. It is one of the top 5 games on Ethereum in terms of active wallet users. According to the recent statistics, EOS Knights 2 attracts thousands of users every single week!
    1. OPSKINS
    OPSKINS is an online marketplace that can be used by gamers to sell and purchase collectible video game items. These transactions are carried out by using cryptocurrencies. OPSKINS originated in Santa Monica, California, United States of America. If you use this application, then you can buy and sell anything from special weapons to skins and special editions of games. OPSKINS has also expanded its ventures recently to include an online marketplace for physical items. These physical items can be high-powered routers, headphones, gaming keyboard, and television sets. OPSKINS has also recently launched its WAX ExpressTrade marketplace. This platform is set to expand the reaches of the organization and include apparel, shoes, gift cards, and fan gear. The digital currency can be used to buy anything on the website, from hats to AirPod cases.
    DREAMTEAM is also an e-sports platform that uses blockchain to allow gamers to form teams and improve their gameplay. This platform can also be used by users to manage sponsorships and contracts. DREAMTEAM is located in Santa Monica, California, United States of America. This company has its own DreamTeam Token, which can be used as a payment method for games. The DreamTeam token can also be used for forming smart contracts between managers, teams, and sponsors. You might also be interested to learn that the DREAMTEAM management platform also supports gamers who wish to practice their skills, form teams, and engage in endorsement deals. Currently, you can find many players on this platform who have active endorsement deals for games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. According to various sources, this organization is also planning to release a unique platform for supporting players for Overwatch and Fortnite.
    BLOK PARTY is another organization that has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States of America. This organization deserves special attention as it is known for designing the first gaming console and collectible game pieces that are powered by blockchain! The PlayTable is a digital game board that was designed for one to eight players. This game is interactive with physical game pieces, smartphones, and dice. The device also registers the play history and records data related to the individual ownership of rare gameplay items like different characters. According to the recent reports, the PlayTable is still in testing mode. But it is available for pre-order. After the production, the digital game board will contain a number of games, including Settlers of Catan and solitaire.
    KORROBOX is a digital peer-to-peer game marketplace that is powered by blockchain. The marketplace features a huge selection of various games for its players, including Day of Infamy, Ash of Gods, and GoatPunks. Players can purchase these games by using Ether. The blockchain technology is also used for facilitating microtransactions and in-game trading of assets. According to reports, KORROBOX sold its first game on the Ethereum platform sometime during August 2018. Since then, the organization has expanded its library to integrate Steam, which is a game site that can be used for downloading different user-purchased games.
    World of Ether is the organization that is credited as being the first decentralized game that uses Ethereum to purchase and store various collectible characters. These characters are also known as Etherians and are stored on the blockchain. An interesting feature of this game is that users can also breed characters for creating legendary monsters. Users can purchase Etherians in the marketplace and engage in battle with other players for rare Etherian breeds. This game also has various measures in place to deter players from cheating or hacking. As of now, the World of Ether contains over 200 monsters that can be purchased by using Ether on the WoE marketplace. Also Read: Stablecoin Development Company The Conclusion If there is one thing that is clear from all products, games, and startups that we have seen in this article, then that is that blockchain technology in gaming can bring about a major revolution. With the help of blockchain, organizations and players can manage the gaming processes and the value distribution systems with ease. This is why it is suggested that you should follow the trends of this industry closely. Staying updated on the latest news and information related to the happenings of the gaming industry might give you just the idea that you are looking for to play your part in changing this industry.