5 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs a Mobile Application

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    By Amee Mehta
    Feb 21st, 2021
    Enterprises are increasingly embracing mobile technology for better operational and business processes management, which has provoked the demand for mobile app development platforms worldwide. Many enterprises use mobile apps that help both clients and employees to keep track of all projects and events smoothly. However, these applications differ from the mobile applications we use in our daily lives. Wondering how? This article will explain the types of mobile applications for enterprises and why your enterprise needs a mobile app. Before we jump into the benefits of mobile apps avail to enterprises, let’s look at some of the notable stats highlighting the mobile app popularity- - As per a report by Statista, we can see the growth in app downloads each year. This trend will continue in the coming years as well. Last year, there were more than 218 billion app downloads. That’s roughly a 7% increase from the year prior.  - According to Crunchbase data, 26% of total global funding dollars in 2020 went to businesses that incorporated a mobile solution. - According to Adobe, 96% of companies currently use two or more enterprise mobile apps (EMAs) as part of their IT stack, and most companies (66%) plan to invest further in EMAs in the next three years. - The rising adoption of BYOD, cloud adoption, and the need for automation drive the global enterprise mobile application market. Key Types of Enterprise Mobile Applications There are three types of enterprise mobile apps-
    • Enterprise Level
    These apps are only for the employees with the shortest feature list since they are developed for internal purposes. Such apps allow employees to check all the essential information quickly.
    • Department Level
    As the name implies, these apps serve departments like finance and marketing teams. Also, they can be helpful for customers, allowing them to stay in touch with employees and get feedback.
    • Company Level 
    These apps should connect the departments of the whole company into a single network. Employees can always be in touch with each other and easily access enterprise documents, databases, etc. With Such apps, organizations can optimize their business processes and increase productivity faster. Now that you are aware of the importance and types of enterprise applications, let’s focus on the reasons to build an enterprise application for your organization- Effective Communication Several companies still rely upon emails and other desk-based means of communication. Enterprise business solutions provide them with a chat feature that is faster and more effective than an email. A popular example is IBM launching its video streaming application, enhancing workplace communication. It allows them to enjoy communication on the go and share information with multiple people in group conversations. Real-time Data Sharing Unlike the traditional methods such as offline records and looking for every single piece of information, the Enterprise apps rely upon cloud technology and offer quick and easy sharing of files and information anytime. This encourages organizations to take a step ahead in Enterprise software development. Better Employee Activity An Enterprise app also helps the management to bring all the workforce on the same platform. It allows the employees to freely give their feedback, share relevant information, make an announcement, and much more effortlessly – rather than waiting or visiting the management personally. Seamless Record Maintenance Another reason behind growing Enterprise demand for custom app development is that it gives management an easy way from the traditional record management process. These apps allow employers to keep an online record of all their employees and retrieve the data easily based on different factors, such as age, contact number, department, etc. And, in this way, prevent them from all the hassle of checking each record to find the information of the right employee. Robust Security One of the prime reasons to invest in Enterprise app development is that it adds complete security to the process. By integrating technologies like AI and Blockchain, these apps enable companies to ensure that their data is securely stored on the cloud. Improved ROI By providing all these features, the Enterprise mobile apps enable the employees to work seamlessly, effectively and safely, which eventually boosts the ROI by providing all these features. Final Thoughts Unlike a business app, enterprise mobile apps are targeting the company's employees and providing them with a surplus of options, making it necessary for the organizations to look into Enterprise mobile application development. Now, as you know, the reasons why investing in Enterprise mobile apps is a plus. Successive Technologies is right here to assist you in introducing Enterprise mobility solutions to your traditional process. Contact our mobility experts to learn how an enterprise application can change your business for the better.

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