Best Practices for the Liferay Next Gen Portals
on December 27th,2016


The world of web is progressing continually with new demands and platforms coming up on the block almost every week. This rise of the instruments for web development and design are a result of the increasing demand for content and an insatiable need to fulfil the simplicity in design yet the promise to meet the challenge of a growing market.
Next Gen Portals
One of the most basic need for the intranet for any company is the modifications in the portals that keep up with the challenges of the changing times and need. NextGen portals, also called Next Generation Portals are the answer to this!
NextGen portals are the answer to your needs to the highly complex processes of setting up portals that are used commonly. These portals implement the common configurations that are beneficial for enterprise intranet systems. NextGen portals are design friendly and social, which bring across collaboration within the team members of the enterprise and also keep in the mind the mobile application uses for ease of convenience.
Content, Portal and Collaboration work hand in hand today- so much that more and more companies are willing to invest in finding the perfect cutting edge design ideas implemented for their web portal along with state of the art content that keeps them on the top of the market!
Liferay brings to you the perfect Digital Experience Platform- A platform that helps you create experiences, understand customers, prepare for change.
Create Experiences by building websites, applications and touch points that are connected, personal and contextual.
Understand the customers by getting to know the customer needs and preference to make better and more relevant interactions.
Prepare for change to get ready for new digital business models and digital-first customers.
Liferay Digital Experience Platform
Liferay Digital Experience Platform empowers you to build and associate personalised digital experiences through the web, mobile and connected devices.
Liferay offers three major services that give them the extra edge for being a brilliant provider in the world of Enterprise Solutions:
Digital Transformation Platform
The Digital Transformation Platform offered by Liferay are Easy to integrate giving a secure access to the information, have brilliant modular services which evolve and implement new digital strategies with reusable services, and a highly supportive runtime platform which support any digital business model.
Omni-Channel Experiences
With the omni-channel presence Liferay supports modern web designs and builds web experiences having fast & usable interface. With the freedom to create native applications and mobile sites and a digital hybrid that enhances in-store experiences.
Customer Relationship Insight
The most important factor that adds to the highly recommended Liferay Portals is the customer oriented Insight support. With the personalization & segmentation they help refine the understanding of the audience’s needs. Their Analytics & Metrics help the users to get what they need! With a single view of the customer Liferay helps get a full understanding of what customers are doing across all touchpoints.
Understand the Capabilities & Limitations!
Design comes with flaws, what is flawed is beautiful! Every aspect of the tools offered by Liferay are designed keeping in mind all of the necessary user experiences, especially for the NextGen portals designed for the ease of access and sharing.
However, some organisations might have very specific requirements pertaining to their intranet enterprise uses. There is always some workaround that can be designed and implemented basis of the requirement, but with the acceptance with the fact that there will always be some technical limitations even for the most progressive portals designed.
The Patience to Wait!
Liferay has an exhaustive team of highly skilled designers and coders which work constantly on improving these profiles. With the changing requirements of the designs, these implementations take time to be launched. Also there are many changes that are designed and launched in phases, hence making it worth the wait!
Imbibe the Change!
Most of the NextGen portals that are launched by Liferay are very design friendly and easy to use. However, since these are enterprise solution portals when the customers, in most cases the intranet users get acquainted to these portals changes can become difficult to adjust to. With a new enhancement or implementation coming to these portals, one needs to be open to adapting to these changes. In any case, these changes are designed to make the life easier for the customers to use these services on all devices possible.
In layman terms, the NextGen portals designed by Liferay are secure and have a reliable foundation. They help you create engaging experiences and gain customer insights from these experiences. Liferay strives to live upto the name that it has built and has always kept it up!