7 Best DeFi Aggregators in 2024

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    By Krunal Soni
    May 27th, 2024

    Decentralized finance, or DeFi, has rapidly grown over the past years by providing innovative financial tools and solutions to users. Defi aggregators play a very important role in the DeFi ecosystem by allowing users to access several DeFi protocols from a single platform. Here in this post, we are going to elaborate on what Defi aggregators are and why they are necessary for users and list down the 7 best Defi aggregators to look out for in 2024. Let’s dive in.

    What is a DeFi aggregator? 

    A Defi aggregator is a platform that connects multiple decentralized exchanges and lending protocols, thus providing users with a single interface to access liquidity from various sources. By integrating different DeFi protocols, defi aggregators help users find the best prices for transactions across different DEXs and protocols. This saves time for users by eliminating the need to manually compare prices on individual platforms. So, now that you are clear about what it is, let's understand why DeFi aggregators are essential.

    Why are DeFi Aggregators Necessary? 

    Defi aggregators have become necessary for the DeFi ecosystem and users for the following reasons:


    Defi aggregators provide maximum convenience to users by bringing all the top DeFi exchanges, lending platforms and protocols under one roof. This saves ample time for users as they no longer need to register on different platforms and manually compare rates. With a few clicks, users can avail the best rates suitable for their requirements without hopping across individual interfaces.


    While individual DEXs provide decentralization, their liquidity is relatively lower than centralized exchanges. Defi aggregators pool liquidity from various DEXs and protocols, thus providing higher liquidity and ensuring seamless transactions even with large trade volumes. This ensures optimal swap rates.

    Reduced Gas Fees

    By routing transactions through different layers and aggregating them, DeFi aggregators ensure gas optimization for users. Some aggregators even offer gas tokens and gas rebates that help users lower transaction fees on the Ethereum network, which can otherwise be highly expensive for frequent small transactions. This feature brings key cost savings for regular DeFi traders.

    Hopefully, you are clear about the value DeFI aggregators bring into play. Below we discuss the top 7 of them with which you can get all your aspects sorted. 

    7 Best DeFi Aggregators

    Here are the seven most popular and best defi aggregators to look out for in 2024:

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    1. 1inch

    1inch is one of the largest defi aggregators that routes trades across multiple DEXs using their proprietary algorithmic protocol. It works to find the best rates and offers gas refunds using 1INCH tokens. Besides aggregating DEXs like Uniswap and Sushiswap, 1inch has also ventured into Web 3.0 by developing wallets and royalty-free NFT platforms. It supports Ethereum, Polygon and other EVM chains, attracting a large user base with its extensive range of integrations and support.

    2. Paraswap

    Paraswap is an Ethereum-based defi aggregator that also supports various other chains like Polygon, Avalanche, BNB chain, etc. Apart from auto-routing trades to the best DEX rates, it also provides programmatic access to price quotes and transaction building through APIs. This allows other applications to leverage Paraswap's extensive liquidity sources and smart aggregation. Additionally, their GST tokens and innovative solutions help optimize transaction fees, making them suitable for high trading volumes as well.

    3. Matcha

    As a non-custodial platform, Matcha facilitates cross-chain trading with limit orders and aggregates liquidity from over 100 sources including Uniswap, Sushiswap, dYdX etc. It provides crucial safety features like MEV protection and also allows gas-free swaps using automated routing. For users entering DeFi, Matcha's educational dashboard with tutorials and strategies aids informed decision-making. Moreover, its incentivized liquidity provider program injects steady volumes.

    4. Zerion

    Zerion is a popular defi aggregator due to its sleek user interface and support across multiple chains like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, etc. It connects to several crypto wallets, enabling portfolio tracking of all assets and transactions with a single Sign-In. Zerion streamlines access to lending protocols, staking opportunities and trading from its novel dashboard, positioning it strongly among new and experienced DeFi users.

    5. DexAg

    DexAg stands out from other defi aggregators for offering innovative features like perpetual limit orders and AI-driven strategies. It sources liquidity from leading DEXs like Uniswap, Balancer, and Sushiswap while ensuring the best prices are available to users through its liquidity-sourcing engine. Their AI assistant, named BETSY, runs complex simulations and develops personalized trading strategies for advanced analysts as well.

    6. Zapper

    In addition to price aggregation, Zapper aids learning via its educational module ZapperU and new portfolio management features like lists and tags.

    7. Koinbasket

    A simple yet powerful gateway for DeFi with access to yield opportunities across multiple networks through its partner protocols and DEXs like Curve, Compound, Balancer etc.

    The Future of Defi Aggregators

    With rising DeFi adoption, defi aggregators are expected to evolve by exploring cross-chain liquidity and integrating layer 2 rollups to enhance user experience. Partnerships with protocols will expand their offerings while additional features around lending, derivatives and trading bots will be introduced. Defi aggregators will keep playing a pivotal role in decentralizing finance by simplifying access to tools and opportunities, driving further growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

    Final Thoughts

    To summarize, defi aggregators bridge the gap between users and various decentralized applications by bringing key DeFi platforms together on a single interface. This provides unmatched convenience and access to ample liquidity and improved rates. The above-mentioned platforms are some of the most trusted and used options for aggregating DeFi protocols today with vast future scope.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a DeFi aggregator?

    A Defi aggregator is a platform that connects multiple decentralized exchanges and lending protocols, thus providing users with a single interface to access liquidity from various sources.

  • Why should I use a DeFi aggregator?

    With the DeFi aggregator that connects multiple decentralized exchanges, you can compare the different rates and choose the best for your trade. It also saves time comparing rates across multiple decentralized exchanges.

  • Which is the best DeFi aggregator in 2024?

    The best DeFi aggregators in 2024 include 1inch, Paraswap, Matcha, Zerion, DexAg, Zapper, and Koinbasket.

  • Are DeFi aggregators free to use?

    Yes, most of the DeFi aggregators are free to use, but they may charge some small fees for their services. These costs are minimal and mostly included in transaction costs.

  • How do I choose the best DeFi aggregator?

    To choose the best DeFi aggregator, you need to consider some factors like the user interface, the decentralized exchange they support, transaction speed, gas optimization, and their transaction fees.