3 Facts on Blockchain Technologies are Changing Digital Marketing
on November 14th,2018
In the Digital marketing, people are beholden to the marketer. People often have a little to no control on their personal data. Once you open the web, they capture and store your information for later use. This lack of control on sharing personal data has led to widespread concerns about digital security. Blockchain keeps the record of the data entry that takes place on the P2P- Peer to Peer networks. The blockchain is a digital, decentralized technology which stores the transactions and personal data securely in numerous decentralized interconnected systems.
By considering the users concerned about their data, blockchain technology is adding a new revolution to the relationship between the business and consumers. With the help of blockchain service providers, a user can get the transparency in all sectors of a business where the information is stored digitally. Also, it ensures the user that all the information can’t be tampered or deleted.

Here are the 3 ways which show the blockchain technologies are changing the Digital marketing,
1. No intermediaries
The blockchain technologies offer a world of opportunities. It can affect the digital marketing industry greatly. The blockchain eliminates the dependency upon a middleman or intermediaries in the current digital marketing industry. Traditionally marketers depend on the middlemen for the transactions but with the blockchain from the blockchain solutions providers, there is no need to depend upon them now.
Blockchain eliminates the need for companies to communicate with the owner of the website through a medium when an ad is going to be published. But now there is no need for any middlemen or intermediaries. It ensures the income of digital marketers due to the cutting of cost that went to the middleman or intermediaries.
2. More transparency with blockchain
We’ve already mentioned transparency above, previously advertisers knew very few details about the use of ads which led in some cases ad fraud. But with the blockchain from the blockchain service providers, it allows the amount of trust in trackable transactions. Also, the advertisers now can learn who is seeing the ads and know if it is marketed to the targeted audience or not.
3. Changing consumer habits
When you’re running a business your concern is not your clients only, it’s your clients’ clients. In the Digital marketing agencies, they promote a business by paying more attention to the clients’ clients to attract new ones. The blockchain is going to cause major ripples in all markets and industries.
Clearly, blockchain from the blockchain solutions providers is a very useful technology and have a positive impact on the digital marketing industry and is revolutionizing various industries. There is no doubt, blockchain technology is here to stay. It may seem that the early adoption of blockchain will be crucial to the success of any future digital marketing strategy.